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Phoenix Apr 2017
I was once a 5 year old girl
Joyous and giggling
Torn between two parents

I was once a 13 year old
Lost and confused
Not knowing what to do or who to turn to

I am now simply done
I cannot fathom life with with you
Nor can I fathom it without you

I cannot face your toxicity
But I cannot abandon your love
But I will not wait forever
I love you, mom. I miss you.
Phoenix Apr 2017
She sat there crying
Thinking of all the men
She’d watched leave
Each one left feeling pleased
For every night
She got to her knees

Why does she do this?
Does no one care?
With her bloodshot eyes
And tangled hair
She trudges home
Wishing someone was there
Alone each night
It wasn’t fair

She woke one night
Reduced to tears
Tired of being used
For so many years
She couldn’t
Face all her peers
With all the mockery
And their jeers

So, facing solitude
Once again
The girl gets up
and grabs a pen
And writes a note
To all the men
She closes her eyes
And then….
Phoenix Apr 2017
A little girl with hopes and dreams
An artistic mother whose smile beams
A burly father who protects the team
Family is as it seems

A little girl that is confused
A fighting mother who is always bruised
A father that now grabs the *****
Family is far from smooth

A young girl that can’t understand
A tired mother who sits on her hands
An angry father who only demands
Family crumbles like sand

A teenage girl with a broken heart
A single mother falling apart
A father lying asleep in a park
Family is far from the start

A teenage girl who sleeps around
A mother buried in the ground
A father who is chained and bound
Family is not profound

A young adult with pain on her mind
A mother who is still resigned
A father who was left behind
Family is redefined
I hope my life doesn't hit stanza five....I'm quite worried about mt mom right now
Phoenix Oct 2016
"He is so perfect", she thought.
1 month passed
"He is still good", she thought.
3 months passed
"He will get better", she thought.
4 months passed
"He won't hurt me anymore", she thought.
5 months passed
"Stop!" She screamed.
6 months passed
"Goodbye" she whispered.
Phoenix Feb 2016
She sat there crying and rubbing her bruised face as he sat there rubbing his bruised knuckles.
My friend said this (and typed it lol). It is really hard to, but it IS possible to escape from an abusive relationship.
Phoenix Jan 2016
I am so **** tired
Of having to tiptoe around you
I can't say what I want
Or you might snap
How can you think we are a happy couple?
You think I am some innocent little girl
Well, guess what,
I'm not.
I am just so freaking done. I am not talking about my boyfriend, but someone in my family. Why does my family have to have that one ****** bag??
Phoenix Jan 2016
I have so much self hate*
But  *I am so vulnerable
I just  When I cry  I just
Can't  But I cry too much  Can't
Seem  So I think  Seem
To  That I may just  To
Evict  Give up  Evict
It all  One day  It all
**Maybe it will consume all of me.
So, Read one side of bold for poem "1" And then read the italics for poem "2"
Write a poem that has a crunchy outside and a soft center.
(from Joe)   Hmmm...Does this have to do with subject matter? with sound? with shape? with something only you would think of?
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