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I guess I wanted you more,
that's why I let you hurt me the way you did.
Tore me down till I was worthless,
But in the pictures you don't see the tears I shed
The photos taken between tear stained nights
will never show the way you hurt me so.

I guess I wanted you more,
as I tried to overlook the way you spoke to me.
Degrading and demeaning - never worthy of your time.
But when I look back at our memories
no-one could have seen the way I was dying inside
Because these pictures are so good at hiding all the hurt!

I guess I wanted you more,
By the way I fought for you through all the pain.
Maybe it was a moment of weakness,
But I hated myself more with you, then on my own.
So while I fight for my freedom
At least now I know, I don't need you!
I don't need you anymore!
Ol Nov 2019
I give myself up to fill you,
but you’re just a void.
You take all you want,
but cannot be destroyed.
You harbour all my energy,
fill my head with insanity,
...“as if”
I could be your fantasy.

My heart beats frantically,
As I cannot live with this agony.
You choked me down,
to have me around.
Yet I paid with my sanity?

How dare you come back to me,
begging for sweet *****,
just to taste what we could be.

You don’t deserve anybody,
let alone my ******* body,
so go away and leave my heart be.
Brittany Nov 2019
I know you love me,
But do you love him?
I know I love you,
But how will this end?

Are you as scared as I am of letting go?
If you want out of this, will you please just tell me so?

I tried to talk to you , and you didn’t even look up.
I made you dinner that you didn’t even touch.

My hands start to shake,
and my eyes swell with tears.
My head starts to spin,
And I relive all my fears.

The trauma living in me, rears it’s head again.
I cower and I crumble, when I hear the yell of a man.

My throat tightens up
I’m afraid of being alone.
I feel as if I’m floating around with no place to call my home.

I wish for a family.
A happily ever after.
I dream of white dresses,
A special day filled with love and laughter.

But it is only wishful thinking.
And I know this to be true.
All that I’ve wanted in life was to find someone like you.

But am I the girl you’ve been searching for?
I really highly doubt it.
The lack of touch and intimacy, you’re practically shouting it.

You’re better on your own.
All I bring here is baggage,
Sticks and stones can break my bones
But my heart will break the fastest.

So tell me the truth will you?
Just lay it down upon me.
I promise I will take the cue
That you indeed don’t really want me.
your eclipse Sep 2019
maybe i'll
always be
the ignored;
--don't look at me.
He said that I was a burden.
So I lit a cigarette and sobbed on my father’s couch, the tears dried up, but my heart never stopped crying.
Arrow May 2019
I've had dreams
Uncountably many
Some of fairies
Some of vampires
Some of kings
Of their vast empires
But the best of
Dreams I've dreamt
Is the dream
I dream everyday
Is the dream of you
Which I can't tell if it's true
But I guess it is a dream
Cuz a girl like me
Isn't worthy of someone like thee
Alind Bokodi Mar 2019
You know what I have noticed?
People get tired really quickly when you try to talk about your pain
Like...Why are you crying?
“It doesn't help anything”
“It doesn't make me want help you
I can't help you”
((I won't help you)) is what they mean to say
Crying doesn't solve problems no..But I don't do it for you
Maybe I cry because it makes me feel better
Better to open the gates and let the water leak through a little everyday
Instead of waiting to to be so full I overflow all at once
Maybe I’m just done trying to pretend I am strong
Is that so wrong? To be a little vulnerable?
To let myself be a little weak..sometimes
It is not my job to secure your comfort when I am in pain
When I am in need of protecting
When the rain is collecting in wells above me
no longer calming
Saying. to me
Beneath its breath
Care for Not yourself
but for the ones who deem you
unworthy of caring for
You are the reason
The reason for the storm
When did the rain become my enemy?
Spouting such lies as it cries above me
In song
I like the melody
But the lyrics seem wrong
At some point I have to see
That it is my twisted reality
That distorts all around me
What the rain is really saying,
And it gives really good advice
If I just let myself hear it,
Care for yourself, and Not for those who deem you unworthy of caring for
You are the reason
The reason for the storm
This is an old poem I wrote forever ago when i was frustrated by always having to pretend I was perfectly happy and somehow linked that with my love, and others' disdain, for the rain.
Isheanopa Zvobgo Feb 2019
They say ideas are cheap,
I'm a hoarder of ideas,
but my accumulation of ideas,
still couldn't buy me the dream of you.

Not even on loan.
I still dare to think of you
Badshah Khan Feb 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 30

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Genuinely am I worthy?

As a divine being?

No, I am unworthy.

But when I fondly recall you,

And chant your name Oh My Beloved’

I undoubtedly remain worthful,

More than divine being and Soul,

As my noble heart and regal soul carefully restored,

With your Divine love Oh My Beloved!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
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