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Safiul Jan 11
Will you marry me?
Because I am meant with broken pieces
I want you to see them
And put them in to perfect place.

Will you love me?
Because I am the person who gets left behind
I am the type of person who wants to talk but can’t
I am the type of person who is so polite that people leave me
So if u agree to love me please don’t leave

Will you walk beside me?
When I walk alone in dark night
Stars become the only listener
Trees clean my path
If u want to then please don’t leave when the road is too rough

Will u hold my hand?
When no one is around
When I decide to go to wrong path
When I don’t love myself anymore
When I don’t want to live
But please don’t leave when we will face difficulties.
Safiul Jan 10
So he stood there with nothing left to see,
on the edge of the roof
looking down to the street.
seeing the flickering lights of cars,
seeing all the meaning less rush.

Looking at the clock one more time,
thinking about what he left behind,
his family friends,
and all the faces he could think.

Just like the sun he tried to shine,
burning himself he tried to give light.
helping the family and friends,
Only a little acknowledgment he wanted to feel.

slowly he realized life wasn't fair,
He will never get anything here.
thinking about life made him depressed
he searched for friends
But only loneliness he could get.

He forgot to love himself,
now he is standing by the edge.
He  smiled and smiled a tears of joy.
Finally he will kiss the death goodbye.
Safiul Oct 2017
i was always afraid of this
i was always afraid that one day you will forget me
you will forget our memories that we have spent
and the thoughts we have shared
and one-day
one-day i will see you with a nother man
more handsome than me
secretly i will compare myself
i will avoid eye contact
i will try to avoid everything
and i will try to forget you
your memories
the moment we spent
and the thoughts we shared
but to be honest
i was afraid of this
I was afraid of this
Safiul Oct 2017
every second i wanted to say i love you,
but was afraid if you would say i love you too.
cz once there was things which were just for me.
but now?
i don't know.
i am too afraid to Know about you.
cz i am afraid i will fall for you.
i fall for your simplicity
i will fall for your savageness
i will fall for how beautifully you describe a story which is not exciting at all.
to be honest,
i am not brave,
i am not brave enough to give you hope.
i am not brave enough to see you laughing with other person.
i am not brave enough to see you laugh when i am not around
cz every second somebody is falling for you
your options are increasing
and mine?
just you.
Safiul Apr 2017
Red sent a love letter with the middle of her heart
Said what she wanted
Said what she loved

She said she loves the sky of blue
And the ocean that reflects
She said she loves purple
Which they would make

In reply blue was shy
He said he loves the red sun
Surrounded by the sky

Red was beautiful
And red was bright
He loved the red too he said in reply

— The End —