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Song on repeat,
I feel every beat.
It's filled with emotion,
and every word is the truth.
Fear is the emotion,
regret it the obstacle,
indifference is the goal.
Song by Falling in Reverse.
On a different note, I might get to see him after 5 years of listening to him.
Title, Poem, Notes.

Me and you,
I love you,
A poem you'll never read.
  Dec 2018 Darian Marie Dalton
Ally Ann
A friend asked me
how to be a writer.
I wanted to say,
lock yourself in a room,
scream until you have
a poem and no voice.
Open your veins and bleed
until you know that your bones
are pure words and sorrow.
Act as if you slit your own throat
and all you can bleed
are your own regrets
and all of the darkness
you boxed up for inspiration.
Write your mom a letter,
tell her you're leaving
and you won't be back for awhile
Because being a writer is traveling
through all seven layers of ****
and denying anything is wrong.
Forget loving yourself
when all you have is a pen and paper
fused to your wrist
and Jesus is tapping at your skull
saying turn back now.
Warn the neighbors that if they smell burning
It's just your soul
clawing at the front door trying to get in.
Learn how to be alone.
Learn how to lose everything you have
in order to feel release,
learn how to only feel deceased
from now on.
A friend asked me
how to be a writer.
All I said was
"You want to major in English"
"Do you like writing"
I just laugh at them and think back,
when I got in trouble for writing,
got out of trouble for writing,
escaped by writing,
and how I fallen in love with it.
"Yeah I do"
It is the only thing I can always do,
and it never fails to make me feel better.
My life at the point in time.
He loves her
He loves her not
Maybe she likes him
Maybe she doesn’t
Her friends keep telling her things
Now, she just doesn’t know…

Sitting here with a blank page
The last time gave her nothing to say
The bus passes by
It blows her away
How easy things can be
How this isn’t!
How people think she’s obsessed
People take things too seriously
They get to her
How she can’t control it all
She just wants to let go…
Look who’s being serious now?

The dictionary says
A crush is a brief but intense infatuation for someone
Nothing but a compliment
I think they are just projecting insecurities onto you
Afraid to call him out
Because she still just wants to get to know him
But nothing is set and stone girl!

She told him,
“I’m just goanna keep asking...”
Once aggressive
Now she’s being softer
Trying a different approach
If men like to be the chasers
This boy ain’t doing ****

Girl, I think you should just do you
Follow your heart
Do things your own way
Take things into your own hands
No more opinions
You were doing fine
Until you bring in friends
Don’t let them shape your decisions
You like him; I think he likes you too
If you want answers
Go out and get them
Noting good came easy!
I'm burdened with stress,
The plans that parents press,
and over grades, they obsess,
all to get to success,
my screams I must suppress,
Have no choice but try to impress,
but I must confess,
all this lead to no progress,
my life is such a mess
*** AP exams are coming up and I have to get ready for de and also wanna take like three online classes and I also have to get me permit ahhhHHHH someONE HELP
  Feb 2018 Darian Marie Dalton
Valentines day.
It's just around the corner.
A day for lovers,
to announce to the world.
While all alone
I sit.
On my bedroom for.
Watching reruns of Supernatural,
Sherlock, and Dr. Who.
But will I be sad that nobody is there for me?
Why would I be?
Will I be upset,
that I don't get chocolate or teddy bears?
Why would I be.
I dont need a guy to give me candy,
or stuffed animals.
Its all fake anyway.
So, no.
I wont be upset,
I'll be as happy as ever, if not happier.
Because I can have guys as friends,
without feeling guily,
I can eat what I want, when I want,
and not feel like I'm disappointing anyone
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