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Mariyam Ridha Nov 2020
Just don't think about those people
Who have left you with no choice
But to think the reason of your aloneness.

Just don't hover around,
Making you feel unworthy,
Shut their door,
And don't worry dear,
It isn't ego,
It's self-respect,
Self esteem and

Just don't be with those,
Bragging about their victory,
By belittling your tiny beginnings,
And don't worry dear,
It isn't that you aren't worthy,
But the person is so unworthy
To witness your
Victory by stepping tiny it's.
You are a gem ❤️
Glenn Currier May 2020
Don’t brag about your good fortune in bad weather
unless you’re ready to hear how theirs is better
Darryl M May 2019
What speaks more of a mother’s love than your kind of love?
What they say about our triple threat family matters not.
We are like a triangle, our bonds are stronger.

Call me a mama’s boy,
but a mother raised me well.
Whatsoever the world might like from me is because of you.
You never made a wrong investment in raising me up.

I’m grateful for your love.
I’m grateful for your care.
I’m grateful for the good looks you shared.
I’m grateful for the great clothing style you taught.

I don’t like birthdays.
But yours is special.
Coz yours lasts till the ends of time.
In my eyes, you’re always precious.
Not just for today.

No other lady compares.
You’re the one I’ll always look after.
You’re the one I’ll always care for the most.
But there might be one I like the most.
I say this with a smile on my face
as I aim for one on yours too.

I don’t want to do this on anybody’s death bed.
In case we don’t show it enough.
We love you.

From your dearest sons.
Happy Birthday Mom.
Completed: 29th December 2017 [02:12 AM]
Farhan Ahmed Dec 2018
I speak to myself to get an agreement, to hear what I wish to, things I dont understand..
But I never wrote letters
Never texted
Never blinded

I did try to hug myself
I did try to comfort
I did slap hard and stared at my response in the mirror..

I did hit the wall and whispered it hurts...

I did think I could, I would and I should die..
But I did love me, myself and I
Makenzie Marie Nov 2018
Bragging about what an amazing guy you are is so much better when it’s to someone who used to know you. I get to explain that I, I have the best version of you.
Anya Sep 2018
The first and last time I ever
bragged was in fifth grade
We’d been on a unit related to the
Ancient Egyptians
I was the only one in our class to have
gotten a good score
On the reading comprehension
Our teacher even
Announced it to the whole class

I was ecstatic
So, I tapped the shoulder of the girl next to me
Whose face clearly showed that
her result wasn’t as joyous
and I told her
The glee practically bursting out of me

“I KNOW!” She screamed
Red faced
A cascade of tears water falling down
Her face

That stayed with me
Even now I ask myself,
Such a pointless thing
It’s only purpose
To hurt
Such a useless thing
Why did I ever do it?

And that is why
I never brag
Even to this day
Bexis Sep 2018
No matter how hard you work...
No matter how much you make...
No matter how much it takes...
It is never enough.

Let me say that again!
It it never enough.
You live your whole life to make as much as possible.
No matter the cost.

Work 3 jobs, work over 60 hours a week.
Only to get a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment.
Because you have to have your own bathroom.
You have to have the best of everything.

You talk about your dream house.
Yet you can't even afford to fix up the house you live in.
Talk about how many people are going to leave you money when they die.
To talk about how rich you'll be.

Here I am.
Scraping by.
In a cheap apartment.
Barely afford to get groceries.

But you know it's no skin off my back.
I have something way better than being rich.
At least I have a place to live and a job.
I have a girlfriend who I would die for.

Some things are better than money.
I am glad I know this.
I am glad I don't run in circles for it.
Life is what you make it.

If that's what you make it about, that's okay.
I choose to believe there is more to life than that.
Mary-Eliz May 2018
oh such humility
is found here

not a cocky one
in the lot

no narcissism
or conceitedness

not a word about
**** so taut

not a one thinks
he's better

than any other
on the site

or in the world
for that matter

who thinks he's
always right

not one thinks
that he is

God's gift to

or that others
swoon for him

because he's so
very fine

at least most
don't write it

a bragging
load of poo

if you have to
write about it

it's certainly
not true!
"The truth?! can't handle the truth!"
what thief
has come to me
that his
be loose
who are you to steal much
that it may. be as more
what have we given
my looks to me
wagons burn
neck snap
man death assumptions

hang with me here

we read how
they mock

Brent Kincaid Sep 2017
I admit that I am like a kid
When I see what I just did
Sitting here alone at home
And writing a really fine poem.

I giggle and dance a bit
Like a rockstar with a hit.
I have to dance, I can’t sit.
I celebrate for a little bit.

I don’t need the world’s applause.
That's like waiting for Santa Claus.
But the approval gives me pause.
Writing is a good enough cause.

It feels so good, it’s physical.
In fact, I’ll claim it is lyrical,
Mystical, and very much musical.
Something like a literary miracle.

I have written down my soul
And that was my entire goal
To communicate is my role
And it came out strong and whole.

So, I write it up and send it out
And maybe mine is the only shout,
That is good enough to brag about.
And sometimes it develops clout.

Some of them gather many fans
Writing doesn't disrupt my plans
But my words have passed through hands
And I am happy with what I began.
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