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Classy J Aug 2019
Lime green envy.
Residing in me.
I understand it’s ugly.
Imprisoning me.
In my own insecurities.
Constantly believing I’m unworthy.
Unworthy to be happy.
Unworthy of education.
Unworthy of you.
And then I see you chatting up my friends.
And I’m engulfed in this,
Lime green envy.
It’s all consuming.
Taking over my rationality.
Becoming a hulkish version of myself.
And It’s certainly isn’t incredible.
I know I shouldn’t worry.
I know you care about me.
But I can’t help but to fall,
In this vat of chemicals containing envy.
Turning me into something of a villain.
And ironically,
I’m my own greatest enemy.
And ironically,
I’m pushing you away.
With all this,
Lime green envy.
Residing in me.
And I understand it’s ugly.
Imprisoning me.
In my own insecurities.
Constantly believing I’m unworthy.
Unworthy to be happy.
Unworthy of education.
Unworthy of you.
And I can try to blame my past,
My family or friends or even you.
But I know that I’m truly the one to blame.
For no one is forcing me to treat you all so badly.
It’s a choice that I make.
And I have to deal with my actions.
Whether positive or negative.
I decide to either be the successor or the victim.
So, I’m sorry.
Sorry that I’ve let this lime green envy consume me.
She suffered the situation.
Sleepless nights
Empty wallet
Unfinished food
Undone homeworks
Confused mind
Broken friendship
Unworthy decisions
Physical tiredness
Disturbed emotions
She thought of it all.
Asked herself how the hell did this happen?
How did I let this happen?
Of all the things
It is all unworthy
It all happened
It will never be back
Pushing the thoughts away
Changing herself day by day
Always telling herself
It is all unworthy
Thus, allowing herself to hate
Hate of doing those
Hate of believing those
Nonetheless, it all boils done to one
*It is all unworthy
Josh Wong  Oct 2015
Josh Wong Oct 2015
Unworthy, so unworthy,

Yet You held our lives so dearly,

I'm safe and sound in Your love and Your grace,

Oh, what other love, could ever replace?

Unworthy, so unworthy,

Yet You gave us life and showed us Your glory,

I'm wrapped in Your mercy's embrace,

Oh, what have I done, to see Your love's trace?
Anon C  Nov 2012
Anon C Nov 2012
Unsure of how one could love her
Thus constantly second guessing
Considering self unworthy
So then this feeling
It doesn't matter if she is hurt
It does, but it is expected
For she is unworthy of happiness
We are unworthy, but you love us anyway
We are unworthy, but you created us
So use US,  for only you are Good.
Reveal to the world your loving kindness.
For only you are good,  for we are unworthy
But you love us enough to save us
By going to the cross in our place
Mark Lecuona Jun 2015
Killing for hate, we have capsized the ship
and desperately breathe the trapped air
before it bubbles to the surface; and while
we struggle for our remaining life the clock
no longer ticks because we are unworthy
of being measured by time; the book of history
no longer records because we are unworthy
of being remembered; the sun no longer rises
or sets because we are unworthy of day or night;
the moon no longer gazes upon us because we
are no longer worthy of its light; the oceans no
longer care to separate the land because we are
unworthy of claiming each continent as islands
of our own; our hearts no longer beat because
we are unworthy of being one before God; our
faith refuses to deliver our prayers because we
are unworthy of a message of hope; but what
remains will be grace counting each bubble as
they disappear one by one knowing that the last
breath will be the one God must choose whether
to honor his promise or start again.
MeanAileen  Mar 2017
MeanAileen Mar 2017
YOU hurt me in ways
like no one else before,
cutting me deep-
right down to the core.

YOU beat me up
without lifting a hand,
reminding me exactly
where I stand.

YOU love to **** with me
building my hopes-
making me the ****
of all of your jokes.

YOU shove your money
and life in my face,
finding it funny
that my life's a disgrace.

YOU give me your love
just to rip it away-
an unworthy pawn
in the game you play.

YOU think that I'm ugly
I'm well aware,
to all the others
I just don't compare.

YOU treat me like I'm
a worthless ****,
barely good enough
for you to ****.

YOU boldly look me
straight in the eyes
and feed me so many
******* lies.

But please don't stop,
I love it this way!
Choking on every
cruel word you say....

For I am too spineless
to ever stand tall,
and I'd rather feel pain
then nothing at all.
I'm a sucker for punishment, I guess....

Unworthy of her Breast
Though by that scathing test
What Soul survive?
By her exacting light
How counterfeit the white
We chiefly have!

— The End —