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You are not him
All along deep within
I knew the rhythm
The expectation was grim

You weren't the man
Where a grand love began
You are he who ran
And left me with no plan

You ain't the one
To render my solitude done
My hopes for your love gone
This whole idea was a con

You are him turning me dim
You are that man I was your fan
You are he who made me flee
You are my captor but I'm a be FREE!
Diana Santiago Dec 2018
Until I met you, I had no idea that someone like you existed
My hopes had all dashed away and I grew jaded
It felt as if I were the only *** without a lid
And so I sat on the stove top all alone with nothing but emptiness
Entering my stratosphere and as I watched
Other pots with their lids be conjoined
A rage filled with blistering pain filled my insides

To lay here beside you I would’ve never imagined
Finding home within your arms and heart
Never did I believe I was worthy of such a love
Yet you fill me up every day and nourish
A heart that was so vastly hungry for affection

Not sure what would ever happen
If you left this poor soul behind
I waited too long to find you
Too many winters afflicting my soul
Your warmth my only salvation
I wrote this imagining a special man writing these words to me. I could only hope I'd get so lucky!
Diana Santiago Dec 2018
I hate your ****** face
Those squinty eyes, them closed lips
Your expression so emotionless
Flat and stagnant is what it drips

Those masculine eyebrows, your expansive hair
That skin void of blemishes and scars
Complexion of espresso dancing with milk
Leaving the beholder seeing stars

Empty of smiles and feelings
Your visage the definition of dry
I go seeking for some semblance of life
Through your dark mysterious eyes

So I hate your ****** face
For it is the one that leaves me breathless
Casting the root on my heart
Rendering me into a state of restless
Diana Santiago Nov 2018
These emotions are thin like loose leaf
Yet visible with the ink and stains of my sorrows
Smears, fingerprints representing my scars
Scrunched up, wrinkled and harrowed

Feeling a rip here and a tear there
Endless amounts of tape can't hold them in place
One split away from becoming dull confetti
Too fragile to withstand a heavy duty case

Shredded is life for these delicate woes
The wind setting their mark to blow
Away these particles to the unknown
Landing scattered on the Earth to sow
Diana Santiago Nov 2018
I love you yet I have to let go
Never granted me the chance to get close
I've been running tirelessly in circles
Waiting for you to love me back

You cast a powerful spell on me
Three and a half years long
Yet you've barely uttered a vowel
Your eyes put the root on my weak heart

So I ran inside this hamster wheel
In hopes you would set me free
Time is up and need to break out
No more of this dizzying runaround
Diana Santiago Nov 2018
Walking through the door at night
Awaits a quiet that I've grown tired of
Some days I hope for it to move out
Yet it sits in darkness awaiting my arrival

As I settle in from a long day at work
Candles are lit to keep me company
Pull up a chair to my window
Watch scenarios play out before my eyes

These are the sneak previews of what is to come
Life becoming lonelier as I approach golden years
A painful silence will become my roommate
Such a cruelty sentenced to us with lonely hearts
Diana Santiago Nov 2018
A lonely woman stands in the distance
As the apple of her eye is perusing the apples
That sit on display outside the market
She watches her apple grab a basket

This woman waits in the cold February breezes
To catch her forbidden fruit emerge
When said apple steps outside
Her heart pulls her like a toddler to follow

As her eyes focus on her beloved subject
Her feet begin to pace in slow motion
The subject so far away now like in a tunnel
Her mind interjects with words that hurt

Leave that apple hanging on the tree
Along with its happy family
Pick not what isn't yours and never was
Return to your own empty branches
Where you shall hang alone
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