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My precious; that is what you are
A dark crystal with gleams of color
You’re a gem; a talisman to my heart
This treasure I cannot grasp or touch

It’s as if I can feel your energy
Eager lips caressing my cheek
Your voice audible only in my soul’s ears
Sensing your body’s warmth beside me

My mind is lost and unclaimed
Are you really here or is it just fantasy
Do I just want and need you that badly
That fables start to form in my head

You are a stinging grand sorrow
Pumping through my icy veins
The reason for my mental demise
My guide to a vast lonely world
So what of those who aren't sought
Or the ones afflicted with eternal solitude
Where do our hearts go or rather hide
We are the refugees of this so called euphoria
An enigma so potent known as love

We are those not wanted by it
The unchosen and not desired
It chases us away like we're rats
Forcing us to scurry for cover
When all we want is to be fed

We've been shut out of it's presence
Like we are unworthy vagabonds
Sleeping on an empty cold floor
Crying ourselves into slumber
Only to be orphaned again tomorrow
Diana Santiago Nov 2020
Watching the sun rise out my window
Emotions begin to run high
This longing attacks me hard
Feeling trembles go up my thigh

Waves of tremors going up my chest
Finding respite in my throat
A knot forms ceasing any sound
Blocking my voice from a crying note

These weekend tears got me going mad
Needing your body beside me bad
My craving for you on level ten
Tired of wondering how and when
Diana Santiago Oct 2020
Your waters are slowly drowning me
The waves of your unrequitedness dragging me below
This ocean so indifferent and cold
My gasps for air fall deaf on your salty waters

Your currents tossing me around like a rag doll
Gurgling cries emanating from my lungs
A Godly barge frantically tossing a life saver
My attempts are no match for your choppy seas

Fight I will with all my might
To survive, to live and to thrive
Victorious, I will reign above the drenching flow
Of your dark emotionless undertow
Diana Santiago Feb 2020
I want to look into your eyes
Get lost in the hues of topaz
Taste your rich brown skin
With my eager hungry lips

Feel the thickness of your curls
Intertwined around my fingers
Nuzzle in your neck for security
Hypnotize me with its scent

My mind shouts I should forget you
But you are unforgettable
In physical human form
An event etched into mental corridors

A muse I never imagined
A being that’s left an impression
On this helpless shivering heart
Shrouded in a blanket of hopelessness
Diana Santiago Jan 2020
It just isn't in me
Doesn't feel like it's right
Although you hurt my heart
In plain vast open sight

All the years I spent hoping
Some of them big, some small
They fed my attachment to you
You swiftly obliterated them all

My friends viewed me as insane
Thought I was losing my marbles
Over some non existential connection
Words about you on paper I'd warble

I should hate and detest you
Spit on the images of your face
Set on fire the part in my heart
Where you occupied a big space

I won't allow your dismissal
To shatter me into pieces
My soul will fend off the wounds
Till the memory of you ceases
Diana Santiago Oct 2019
What happened to your eyes?
Blankness was residing in them
A force field built around your perimeter
Their protection of you my condemn

I kept hoping for approval
Some sign of validation
Yet you had nothing for me
Only a serving of rejection

Gluing your eyes to an animated screen
Shutting out the action around you
I being caught in the mix
My insecurities coming to a brew

So now I'm the invisible woman
Transported to a state of sullen
My feel goods suddenly taken
Hopes for your love disheartened
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