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  Jul 2020 Ale
jasmine wild
hope lives within us
all we have to do
is let it fly out
Ale Jul 2020
The feelings amplified
In the poets hands,
So be careful if you break
My heart in vain,
For I’ll make a monster
Out of your lovely face.
  Jun 2020 Ale
Pleasure filled
And then
One day
It all just
Ale Jun 2020
Rain water overflowing
our garden bed, now
a bright green in the
fresh morning dew.

Picking up fresh herbs,
surrounding grass,
tiny lavender flowers
sprouting sporadically
in between coarse leafs,
our own starry night sky.

Dripping trees in bright
sun rays of first hours,
stretching far beyond roots,
colors previously dull
now beaming rainbows.

Bringing out twinkling
powder, light pollen
into nostrils, sneezes
from red noses, blushing
cheeks with moist heat of
the fresh rainy days of
a liberating summer.
It’s raining a lot, but at least the plants are getting watered.
  Jun 2020 Ale
what a mess
in the flesh.
and i contest
you to confess
that i am in fact
a pest.
Written Feb. 15
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