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Lake Oct 2019
what am i trying to say
what am i trying to do
why am i here today
pouring myself out to you

i guess i don't need a reason
needed someone to listen
even if it's out of season
that's not the way i am leaning

i've had enough of my thoughts
wish i could be a robot
something that can shutdown
and will never frown

but that's not very healthy
in any case it's not stealthy
i tried to sneak around the issue
leave it in my rear view

but the reflection's still there
and sometimes i'm still scared
afraid of something real here
never given a real cheer

another beer, drown the fears
liquid courage with no tears
ain't no purpose here
i know that is clear

whatever needs done
i hope i figure it out
i'm the only one
who can hear my shout

if i need to take walks
or someone to talk
it's a part of a plan
for now, just what i can

this isn't a letter
it's a manifesto
to someday feel better
without too much hassle

this is not a revolution
just my resolutions
things i need to sort out
now that i've got my words down

little by little
i think everything changes
little by little
i won't be the same
Lake Oct 2019
is this what they call fate
and can it ever change
is that what they all say
the opinions stay the same
that bar just keeps on raising
and i'm shriveling up like raisins
been like that since the beginning
but by the end i hope i'm grinning
cause birds gotta leave their nests right
so i'm gonna live my best life
or drop like a deer in headlights
paralyzed in my dreams and nightlights
Lake Oct 2019
i walked down an empty road
it felt so free and open
i wondered why no one took it
but then the pavements were crooked
and i could see the flickering lights
turning the dust into a glimmering sight
i walked halfway only to realize something
that all these paths, they led to nothing
and i'm not the first to notice it
for all intents and purposes, there were red flags
i just didn't want to be dead last
Lake Oct 2019
did you check the time?
it must have slipped your mind
you went home so late
look at these cold plates
bet you think i wouldn't notice
bet you think you could control this
i don't like it when you lie to me
when you said that you would die for me
Lake Sep 2019
i can understand
if you're not making plans
cause it's only autumn
it's the time for boredom

sun is coming down
i can't feel the ground
raindrops on my head
even on my bed

nothing i can't solve
it will soon dissolve
find a new solution
start a new discussion

turn off the alarm
stay here in my arms
if you need just call
walk you through it all
Lake Sep 2019
the forecast says that it will rain
but right now the sky looks the same
we might not even see grey clouds
but let's not worry about that now

cause the rain will come one day
but that day is not today
and i'm not trying to delay
don't you get me wrong

i know i can't pretend
i know that it all ends
when it slips away from my hands
i hope i'll be gone

keeping safe in the meantime
that's a tape you can't rewind
don't know what tomorrow brings
can't let go of anything
Lake Sep 2019
i can't run if i don't have the energy
it's no fun if you straight up just answer me
i'd thank you but i know that you won't notice me
so thank god for me, thank god for me
i can't lie if i don't know what's my truth
i can't try if i don't have something to prove
i'll win but i know i still have something to lose
so thank god for me, thank god for me
loosely inspired by this song i was listening to. i guess i looped back around to doing that.
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