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lake 3d
call me when you get this
you don't wanna miss it
you don't wanna wait too long
they're playing your favorite song
can you wake up when you hear my call
i'll be waiting until next fall
lake Sep 10
i need to find some strength
to get through today
cause the more that i wait
i might make a mistake

cause everything happens for a reason
and flowers never bloom out of season
it never goes according to plan
with my feet still stuck in the sand

it's all just target practice
i miss and miss till i got it
i never really aimed correctly
but once in awhile i get lucky

most of the time i'm tired
of all these shots i've fired
and i don't have what's required
and the date has now expired
lake Sep 9
ever wonder why it rains when you cry
ever wonder why it shines when you smile
i guess this world changes for you
i should know cause i do too
aka ever wonder why people like this aka the mcdonald's cheeseburger of writing
lake Sep 8
it's a concept
it only works on paper
a beautiful mess
cleaning's saved for later

looking through the photos
reading through my memos
where did all the time go
back when all the lights glowed

sometimes nothing
could turn into something new
but i'm still hunting
and i won't find it in you

i won't be your prom date
cause i will break that promise
but i'm still up at home late
cause i was never honest
just imagining things
lake Sep 3
once upon a time i had a dream
of going places i've never been
somehow it all went with the wind
not now not then, i'll never win
i'm still chasing this runaway train
hoping one day it'll erase the pain
the pain of failure, of knowing i've lost
but i'm not really sure if i know the cost
i forgot how it feels to be on cloud 9
i forgot how it feels to just free my mind
just give it time, that's what they all say
this is a game, that's what they all play
and all day all night we pray to God
and fight to keep all that we got
why is it so hard to get what we want
why do we fight to be number one

but we do it anyway, yeah we do it everyday
and we'll trade what we can trade, everything for better days
it's insane to run away, it's insane to hide my face
yeah we're all used to it, yeah we're not new to it
it's a struggle but it's life and it won't always be nice
but all we got are dreams and dream is what we'll do
it's ups and downs, it's wins and losses
and by the end, we'll be our own bosses
lake Aug 23
ain't no apologies can ever make this right
i know a part of me is costing my sleep at night
but when i hide my face they never see me frown
and if i look away they'll never bring me down

not looking forward to it
but it's some progress i guess
not that i'm bored of this yet
but i wish that i could forget

so am i the villain in your fairy tale
not even close to winning when our mates are stale
and if i break that mask will i see through you
and if your friends were asked would they say it's true too
lake Aug 20
something's not right
what happened last night
i can't recall your name
something's not fine
i don't know why
but i won't play your game

why are you so cryptic
don't you know i'll miss it
why you leaving hints babe
did you mean it this way

puzzle pieces everywhere
scattered pieces here and there
leaving all these breadcrumbs
all over this bedroom
no space in my headroom
assuming you exist still
assuming that it's all real
it's something i can go with
but now i can't control it
now it's out hand
i don't understand it
help me to expand it
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