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Apporva Arya May 23
The ignorant runs after pleasure,
Sinks into the entanglements of death...
the wise seek the undying,
And hence found himself.

The knower of self,
the self, which is here, is hereafter;
Hereafter is here.
He who thinks otherwise,
Wanders from death to death.
The self is eternal. So why the fear of death.
Here, in poetry, I am encouraging you to chase the inner you (the undying) instead of the worldly stuff (the pleasure).
Star BG Nov 2017
I shall wrap you in a bed of my love,
with sweet sweet rose petals
surrounding your form.

I will caress you with every heartbeat
and song that plays gracefully.
You are the king of roses
and I your queen.
You are the jewel sparkling
that I clasp on golden band.

In sleep I shall lie feeling freedom
as we join our souls
in many a dreamscape reality.
A reality where sun shines,
as winds of love spiral
and our essences bond.

And there we shall move
stopping time
in ocean waves from our hearts.
When morning comes,
I will feel wrapped in
the sunlight of our love.

A love that will never die.
just dreaming of when I meet my significant other. :)
i'll paint this blank canvas
with invisible ink and
let these words i'm thinking
sink in to the very fibres
you can set fire to it
let the warmth fill you
that bright glow flow through
as you listen to the sound
of my thoughts crackling
right off the burning page

all these words are yours
to be heard for an age
ChrisL Mar 2
Our relationship, deeper than any pizza base.
Our love, saucier than the finest italian passata.
Our feelings stronger than the maturest of fine cheeses.
Our willingness to please the other stretches such as the most glorious of mozzarella.

To what do we base our feelings upon,
Be it the interchangable toppings or the structural integrity of the strongest crust.

Akin to snowflakes no two pizzas are ever alike. Each one differing to the last, be it the char marks on it's peak or the flame kissed bottom.

Our choice in toppings may differ so vastly, you with your ghastly pineapple and myself with my overly rich and greasy bbq meatfeast.
Alas does this mean anything at all? Nothing but a matter of opinion, toppings change to peoples liking, but our bases remain the same our sauce the binding glue to hold it all together.
Mister J Feb 7
The gentle spring breeze kisses the blades of grass
Streams humming like a whispering melody
Life blooming in all its mysteries and curiosities
It filled the meadows with a calming harmony

Standing on at a crossroads, I tread carefully,
A man past his prime, Indecision takes hold of me
The pain of youthful love burned out all my passion
Heading carefully to where I want my rest to be

On this hill here beside you I have longed to rest,
Under the warm rays of sunlight, with the sweet-smelling grass
Under the vast sheet of starlight, when night blankets the sky
Only beside you is where I want to forever stay

Memories of our youth come surging like a flood
When love burned bright and you give me life
When sorrow took the best of me, I grew hopeless
And when I needed you most, Death took you from my arms

Yearning for love, a passion that burns out the soul
I longed for one to come my youthful heart’s way
Etched in it an undeniable desire to fiercely fight
For a love that engulfs one’s heart like a wild flame

And there it was, a point where everything changes
When it came rushing in and crushed all my defenses
When hearts come in resonance with each other
Their melodies harmonizing like two spirits merging

Young hearts come together like buzzing bees
Looking for a love like there’s no tomorrow
Lit up with a sense of passion one rarely sees
Only to be consumed by inevitable grief and sorrow

Ah! Youthful love, it burns bright yet brief
When a heart is consumed, it is doomed to fall
For when it gives its all, it is surely to get less
And when it endures, it hollows out the most

Every heart has to endure a whirlwind of emotions
Fear will come to dread it and Hate will try to **** it
A gentle insanity comes rushing in, a craze-driven passion
In which one leaves reality to run and find a dwindling ideal

The troubles of a young heart are wide and vast
Its innocence unable to shield it from heartaches
And as winter approaches, it is also forced to choose
Lie still in the snow, or endure waiting for the next spring

A love that’s taken and tested to endure
A love that is fought for and is let to consume
A love like that, I still pray to hold within my grasp
And so for that love, I must endure with all my might

A soldier in this war, I fought for the comfort beside you
A lover in this struggle, I loved you much more than I can give
And when my lips touched yours, my words become silent
How you bewitched me with your beauty leaves me speechless

But Reality is a cruel master, a monstrous fate
When I felt like I could conquer the world,
When I felt that forever in your arms I stay
That is when he breaks me hardest, deepest.

Death is an all-consuming enigma
He came to take you away from me
Like a thief he came when least expected
When our flowering lives bloomed brightest

I am left to question all that had happened
Crying out to the heavens day and night
But the beauty you embodied had taken a new form
A form only Life can recreate once more.

You became the grass, you became the earth,
You became the gentle wind that comes in springtime,
The wind that kisses me with passion and gentle caress
When every time it whispers your voice is all I hear.

On this hill where your spirit resides
I long to be in your comfort again
Time has aged me, but not my love for you
Youth has passed me by, but not the feelings you left me with.

Wait for me beloved, my time has come,
Final breath draws near, Death follows behind me,
He who took you away now brings me closer to you
Stay steadfast beloved, today I’ll come to be with you.
Hey Guys!
Old piece, only had the guts to post this today

Happy Reading!

Saikat Biswas Nov 2018
The hounds of the graveyard are restless,
as the path of the cemetery looks treacherous.
The crosses of the grave stood tall,
as I walk among the dead tulips call.

The darkness resembles a long melancholy.
The bottle of whisky seems familiar to me,
as I step down from the stairs of the cemetery.
The fallen tulip meant nothing to me.

I remember my long lost past,
as the pensive sadness shackles my heart.
Now the meadows are all strange to me,
as we both walk now on fallen tulips call.
Tulips are the symbol of undying love, love that transcends mortality.
I am forever inspired by my Barbara ref 012
I am forever inspired by my Barbara

And she tells me that she loves me
Making the time  we spend together

From this day forward magical time
On each and every day a pleasure
Romancing my lovely woman brave
Enchanting with my simple phrases
Vainly lift her spirits wave by wave
Even if my girl is feeling so fragile
Rarely fails to lift her spirit high.

I am forever Inspired by my Barbara
Not on just extra special occasions
She projects me to highest heights
Poetic messages channeled by God
Inspirations to record my thoughts
Reactions to our fine togetherness
Enchanting in the way she moves
Dutiful in her many charitable acts

Barbara ! By God ! You are angel.
You can inspire the best in folk

My Goodness you're a woman fine
You dress in style and look devine

Bring me down to earth I pray
As I'm like a child on Christmas Day
Run life for us to your satisfaction
Because I trust your judgement so
As I am so inspired by our plan
Rich the gems of wisdom owned
As fine a woman known to man.
Philip. 26th January 2017.

Rest In Peace my Darling Girl.
Departed  17:00 hours 17th Sept 2018
This poem was typical of my homage to the love of my life Barbara 21 months before she tragically died in my arms.
Zeeshan Riyad Oct 2018
I would stab my heart a thousand times to bleed you out of it.
Umi Oct 2018
Deep inside never changing is the heart,
An ambience of constant change, it is what never truly shifts its shape
Keep it perfect, keep it pure, but when it is too empty, or too enlightened, you may lose the joy of simply living, become hollow,
When memories wither like the flowers in fall,
Look into your eyes, but please, do not look too far.
Can you truly see who you are ?
Are you a beast undying, don't you have a soul left to feel ?
Or are you a living mass, undying wondering if you are still real ?
As the harsh wind brushes over the fields, announcing the coming winter with several mighty blows, roaring alike a lion before its prey,
I just have lost myself, but not in this wandering fragnance,
Without opening my eyes or being able to protect my heart in love,
I was killed, to this burnt dreams end, prevalent is your allure smile,
Do not sadden over this event, after all isn't this what you wished for?
Don't try to put the broken pieces together, you can't truly expect them to end up looking the same, a mistake is to stay forever.
Senseless as it may be, I feel this good, facing the dark clouds is the golden rule, because now I am alike you.
I have become undying.

~ Umi
I dunno where this poem went to.
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