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Today I decide to believe
I believe in my undying beauty
Today I choose to be self encouraging
This epic beauty is undying
I am a source of epic undying beauty
Kyle Sep 2020
Undying sadness;
Undying tears;
Undying pain;
But a dying soul.
George Krokos Jun 2020
It’s said that ‘true love can never die’
and the heart of the lover knows why.
As this love blossoms and becomes pure
throughout all of eternity it does endure.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Piyush Sharma May 2020
It started as a camouflaged war,
Though the end appeared to fall apart,
But it had already begun,
You being alone & there's no way to run.
Neither a day nor a night,
Would settle this life-less undying fight.
And every time you fight yourself,
An undying strength comes by,
But a part of you is unknowingly expelled.
Yes life can be easy, but actually its not when you talk about the reality. Every word here counts its meaning. We write hard.
Grey Apr 2020
I don't really like this one, but it was how I felt that day so I want to keep it up as a tribute to that I guess
Cross Roz Sep 2019
Mag-iiwan ng bakas ang apoy sa aking palad,
Manunuot ito sa balat hanggang tumatak,
Mahapdi ang pagdampi ngunit 'di ako bibitaw,
Maging gaano man ito kasakit.
Visit my wattpad acc. @WriteistXVII at tunghayan ang novelang aking sinimulan.
Apporva Arya May 2019
The ignorant runs after pleasure,
Sinks into the entanglements of death...
the wise seek the undying,
And hence found himself.

The knower of self,
the self, which is here, is hereafter;
Hereafter is here.
He who thinks otherwise,
Wanders from death to death.
The self is eternal. So why the fear of death.
Here, in poetry, I am encouraging you to chase the inner you (the undying) instead of the worldly stuff (the pleasure).
Star BG Nov 2017
I shall wrap you in a bed of my love,
with sweet sweet rose petals
surrounding your form.

I will caress you with every heartbeat
and song that plays gracefully.
You are the king of roses
and I your queen.
You are the jewel sparkling
that I clasp on golden band.

In sleep I shall lie feeling freedom
as we join our souls
in many a dreamscape reality.
A reality where sun shines,
as winds of love spiral
and our essences bond.

And there we shall move
stopping time
in ocean waves from our hearts.
When morning comes,
I will feel wrapped in
the sunlight of our love.

A love that will never die.
just dreaming of when I meet my significant other. :)
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