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low poetry Feb 18
your time is experience? is true?
low poetry Jan 8
ones with whom we shared the story
it’s time to farewell
i’m sorry

i’ve decided to seek the truth
so i must cut the storytelling
we shared that amazing youth
that give birth of mine rebellion
showed me what is right and what is wrong
and the big picture where i belong

smart goals and networks are not for me
my desire is abstract and unknown freedom
the first step is to destroy the rotten family
while eating all the apples from that tree in edem
then goes years of accumulating the vitality
and breaking through the curtains of civilization mentality

my final destination is the state of self
where all **** sorted on the one shelf
where the body is a temple
and spirit is a whole
where nature is the teacher
and words are under control
where the only currency is energy
and time is absolute
where the only possession is awareness
and love is a root

so, guys, our story ends
now, the death is my only friend
character - is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed
low poetry Aug 2018
time is now
must do it right now
meet the dream

from every corner is a threat
they want me working
they want me marrying
they want me playing corrupt games
**** they
packing my baggage
two pair of underwear and socks/ two t-shorts/ jacket and sweater/ good shoes/ perhaps timbers or some travel shoes from Kickstarter/ notebook and pen/ small phone to use like recorder and photo camera and etc/ toothbrush and toothpaste/ battle of water/ yoga mat/ **** pack/ one pair of jeans/ charger/ / sunglasses/ hat/ books/ shorts/ condoms/

**** it
that's all


hitchhiking to the Warshaw
a couple of months there
living every day on full
going out/ working/ *******/ meditating/ writing/ doing yoga/ smoking ****/ eating LSD/ meeting/ listening/ talking/ dancing/
deciding where to go next
traveling till feel like came back home
like Forest Gamp did in his running
low poetry Jun 2018
my family
are ******* losers

in debts
to the landlord and several banks

business is ******
no planning/rules/quality/transparency/care for ecology/budgeting/standarts

my dad is running his actions
for alcohol and ****
and for a trip to the sea

mother is beautiful
but too cosmic for this
dump Ukrainian realities

when the check from the landlord in their hand
they yell at each other

they think
no money

they scream
**** u
is your fault
**** u
it's your fault

take a list
write down the debts
write down future incomings
and plan day/week/b/actions/meetings/words/

i'm in my 25
listen to all this through the thin wall
high by ****
instead of constructing my own world
where these guys
my parents
will exist on the position of two mouths to feed

i'm ******* tired of boring and dull human games
i more likely to play games of nature
they involve risk of death
when death is the judge of your actions
you are acting cool

low poetry Jun 2018
i'm here
without goals/doubts/regrets
partly free from biases
partly free from prejudices

observing you
acting him/her/not you
what does your mind say?
what does your body say?
be honest
low poetry Jun 2018
every person is beautiful
own unique way
search passionately
behind masks

lines have beauty
dare to find
poor grammar
poor vocabulary
creates poem
high thoughts
poor form

words -> boring form
easy realization of thoughts
great realization
perfect one

action -> beauty
take the action
own unique beauty
show beauty to the world

sure you good at something
manipulation of a particular person
walking from A to B
knowingstars/arts/music/history/them/self/dead/alive/animals/series/nature/culture/how to make love/how to give love/how to cook meal/how to kick him/how to make bomb/how to dig tomb/how to switch on/how to vanish zone/how to go out/how to groow tree/how to smoke ***/how to die young/how to climb top/ how to clean dno/ how to be a *****/ how to ******* ritch/how to jump/ how to jank/how to sell stuff/ how to grove up/ how to be cool/ how to play games/ how to **** kid/ how to **** her/ ******* them/ how to be racist/ how to burn atheist/ how to consecrate a car/ how to open the bar/how to speack honestly/how to make mistake/how to kick her ***/how to **** her face/ how to bring pleasure/how to aim/how to **** brains/how to treat/how to threat/how to choose/how to snooze/how to pass exams/ how to break arms/ how to chew gum/ how to write Elizaveta Bam/

do you like knowing?
do you like pass knowledge to others?
knowledge of something else
not about you
we don’t care about you
nobody cares
somebody cares
just for self-profit

**** war
**** tyranny
**** hatred
**** god
let’s share the beauty
hard to understand
                              easy to give up
low poetry Mar 2018
we ridiculously young
as species
we just child's here
and what you know about youngsters
these ***** are selfish and ******
so do we are
as species
on this mysterious planet
we named Earth
we named
we may name it Dirt as well

we counting ******* years
from the birth of some cool guy
from past
who makes wine from water
**** him
you can learn to do the same
if you want to

**** your self-importance
**** your empty words
**** your manipulations
**** your overdoses
it's all nothing
if you can’t sleep well

you actually can be healthy
without even training
you can understand
without monologue in your head
you can die
with no doubts
you can fully control your life
and you know how
but you too ****** and lazy to do it
so do I
but I will try my best
it’s my ****** oath
to universe
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