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Emma Feb 1
And so the shoe drops,
Easily, easily
It’s much easier for you to wound me,
than wear your human mask over lizard skin.
You gnash your teeth and flail your limbs,
like a ****** ******* lizard person.
How hard is it to check in when you’ve said something so worrying?
How hard is it to speak?
Or is it just that words don’t issue,
from betwixt your lizard beak?
Kevin Hayes Dec 2018
Like a bird
We have a lot depending on
the right direction.

But Unlike it
We have too many doubts
and questions.

Spread your wings
but don’t span out nervously.

God gave moral compasses
to Guide us personally.

Never be afraid
to go and do your best.

Keeping pulling straws
until you’ve built your nest .
Dominique R Jun 2018
a cold winter evening

a haze of blue hangs low 
from the thick clouded sky 

the bleakness of this day seeps through my skin
 and envelopes me.
A M Pashley Jan 2018
place your hand on my chest

can you feel the rustling?

the almost constant buzzing of the monster growing it's nest?

in moments of stillness I can feel it tunneling through my bones,

until it comes to rest inside my ribcage

waiting to hear it's name called again,

when it will flap it's wings in reply,

shedding feathers under my skin.

once it's awakened it will continue its endeavor

in pecking and pulling,

making more room for itself

and less room for me.
K Balachandran Nov 2017
Song bird,on the branch on the top,
of my tree of life, you wake me up
with sweet twitter, each day a new one,
to my bitter sighs you give your ears,
day and night and remain my true comfort,
in every change of weather, may it be
monsoon torrent, winter freeze or spreading gloom

Little bird you know this well
never ever would I take you for granted,
you are the spirit that bring me cheer,
keep my nest such a quiet space for peace.
take the fledglings,under your sturdy wings
keep your glad eye on my desires that
seldom sleeps day or night, till it's told.

In this nest, it's your hallow that fills, spills out, too
in every twig of this nest we built, is the mark
of your efficient beak, that worked to move it there!

Petite you are,but it's so deceptive
my talisman and shield, none but you are that,
if my songbird's eyes by chance fill,my heart bleeds!
Chloe Chapman Mar 2017
The sharp jagged edge,
An exhausted little beak
Bedraggled feathers.
The Pain of New Life - Part 3
Haiku series

— The End —