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isabella Jul 2020
i hate the way i tremble
even as your knee brushes against my toe,
as if a simple gesture was enough to make me fall again.

i hate the way your eyes crinkle at the corners when you laugh,
the way you talk so easily,
words gliding from your mouth
so distinguishable i can almost feel them land on my skin,
like water droplets when it is drizzling.

you are dangerous,
you with your delicate beauty
like a wash of gold upon my eyes,
like the lifting of a curtain in a dark, dusty room.

i am blinded by you.
and i hate being blind.
LC Sep 2019
whenever she sees him,
the corners of her eyes
crinkle into intricate origami.
if anyone looks closely,
they'll see a soft glow
and maybe even folded hearts.
that's her love for him.
Janae Jul 2017
I smile
nose crinkled
skin wrinkle
make my eyes
and teeth
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
Wrote with my soul
Death by the pen
Blood stained page
Nocturnal again

Crinkle the page
Frustration no more
Hang by desire
Cried four more

All over the sky
Cast doubt in my heart
Wrote one last word
On the page, torn apart
A broken poet with no more words

— The End —