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Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
The cardboard box in the attic is shaking
In it you'll find a creature with no soul
When you open the box and stare inside
You'll find that it has stopped breathing
The wall behind it is looking down
Upon the rattling bundle of naked fear
The creature's hairs stand on end
In a rigid salute; no they won't bend
The dust is thick and filmy here
And no sound will ever reach your ear
But its feral urge to avenge its fate
Will not escape your wide-eyed state

A lifetime stuck in darkness
Will turn the sun restless too
So when the humans living downstairs
Who are much worse than you
Open the door to that ungodly world
The creature will let out a silent scream
And curse everything into oblivion
The slightest show of rebellion
Then a blink; the box resumes its shaking
The smell of fear stops the monsters from waking
And if by a mad whim,
you come across our attic you'll see
That this trembling creature is indeed me
Karmish A Oct 2019
Youre so good at it
Playing coy
Toying with my strings
Youre so good at it
Whispering gazes
Putting thoughts in a haze
How good you are
On things that hurt
But my oh my how bad you truly are
Vivek Gupta Sep 2019
You killed 'em all!
You killed my dreams!
You broke my heart!
You killed my screams!
I don't have a voice of my own!
I am like a toy that you're playing today!
I know when you're grown!
You're gonna throw me away!
I am like a gum that you chew!
Took everything from me and threw!
Me out of your life and you moved!
Just like that I'll be removed!
neth jones Aug 2019
what brightened the horizon

frightens you in the trenches

just a curl


soldier toy

clotted in company

awaiting an enemy
See also ‘Tupperware ‘
A M Ryder Aug 2019
Hours of childhood
Impatient, with nothing but
Playing by ourselves
Enchanted with
what alone endures

Between world and toy
A point which shows a child
Who they really are

Who sets in constellations
And puts distance
In his death
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
ever been a ***** or a ******?
i have. and other names
mostly given.

ever been a scapegoat?
i have. been a toy
to the hatfields and the mccoys.

any ink of brain leakage
taken to the sawbone
stitches over stitches
on my lips sewn by my own hands
the sands of time have passed, slow
as they can fall --

blood from rips goes on the walls
smear memories on the old ****
to make a little sense of the prison
in which i was living

make a little bit of sense of my enemies
apparently, i choose to ride the prisms
of a prison to the coffin, as i'm better use dead
but what kind of exit is a bullet to the head?

tell you, it's a mess, what it is
larni Jun 2019
i deserve to be a priority
not a second choice
not a bored option
not someone who you can just
**** with and play with
when you’ve got no one else
I made the toy with imperfections
The broken pieces in my collection

It was whole
And filled with joy
when it was given to me

But so many people wanted it
So many fought for it
Some earned it
Still they crashed it

Maybe because theirs were also broken
Maybe they didn't mean it
Maybe they just didn't know how to treat it

I am aware that there are pieces that do not belong here
I am not proud to say it but I also crashed and and kept pieces of other people's toys
Trying to fix my own
I joined the pieces

Each piece has its story
Stories of different journeys


I've traveled so far with this little gift for you
But how would I know who you were?
Why there isn't a sign on your face saying "soulmate?"
I tried to find you so many times and I had to use my toy as bait
I am sorry for not bringing it in one piece
But hey look around
None of these toys are new
And all this suffering led me to you.
Yes... The Toy is The Heart.
Salmabanu Hatim Mar 2019
Daddy brought a toy car,
toy car , toy car,
Red and blue, red and blue,
red and blue,
It has four wheels,
four wheels, four wheels,
Which go round and round
round and round,round and round,
You wound it with a key and it goes vroom, vroom, vroom,
Up and down, up and down,
up and down
Right and left, right and left,
right and left,
Daddy brought a toy car, a toy car, a toy car,
I love him a million times,a million times,a million times.
The heartfelt joy of a poor boy who lives in a slum and barely has a proper meal.Sing with him and see how happy you feel.
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