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TIZZOP Dec 2019
let's put some toys in it!
kids, they love gimmicks

and a flyer depicting heroes
so after parents bought the first
one: the kid wants all; ain't that some fun?

by the way: i thirst
for more: can never sling
too much money
how about an xxxxl- sprite, honey?

Today is a good day.
Charlie Dog Jan 2018
I live for those likes
Gimme gimme
Addicted to validation
Gimme gimme
Refreshing the page
Gimme gimme
Compulsory tick
Gimme gimme
Obsessing over clicks
Gimme gimme
Making me sick
Gimme gimmick
This one feels a bit unpolished. But I didn't know what else to do with it.
H Phone Mar 2018
I remember that one poem I wrote
I felt like my brick for a heart it could erode
But reading what came after makes me sick
Because this raw emotional poem’s contents
Have turned into a ******* gimmick
I want to feel.
Seema Sep 2017
How does one get recognition?
In this world full of objection
No matter how much one strives
From most corners they receive a rejection
Worked hard in studies all their lives
To what they can't understand this legislation
Lured in wrong direction, most drugy
Others live on injections
No job, no family, no friends just regretion
Most times found on streets fighting starvation
Like an unwanted stray dog roaming
While multi persona simulates foaming
Clogging the mind, chocking the breaths
They become aimless, lifeless and worse breathless
So has become the lives of many studious
Stuck in a swamp of their own filmed videos
Some pulled out of such wrath through motivation
Some tried hard and get back through inspiration
Others yet many still live in their own fantasnation
Colors, creed, greed, racism, drowned in depression
Hype with a little light of appreciation
But then its all a dealing of a gimmick organization...


— The End —