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Oct 2020
i wonder how many people
dated me just for my body,
or the pleasure that they knew i could give them.

i want to know if im any good for anything besides your pleasure.
did you fall in love with me?
or did you fall for my body?

tell me,
was i just your "friend with benefits",
to emotionally **** with?
or did you fall in love with me?

did you want me for my sense of humor,
my music taste,
my sense of pride,
my fashion sense?
for my body?

did you think,
"yeah, theyre hot"
or did you think,
"this person and i are meant to be"
"this person makes me feel loved"
"this person gives me butterflies.
they make me feel like im on top of the world,
like im all that matters to them,
like im the only one they need,
they want,
the one they'd marry."

i thought i was that for you,
i guess i was just your toy
hi, guys. um, update on my last poem. didnt stay strong enough and im only one day clean now. i got kind of triggered and inspired to write, so i made this, kinda a messy one, but it's really genuine. thank you for reading this far. if you have, here, have a virtual hug <3
Written by
max  14/M/MA
   V and Ms Anjaan
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