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CupcakesArePink Mar 2020
inhale the deadly dark purple fumes
that make my head spin

lure with those chocolate eyes
the very ones i love looking in

plant a kiss on my lips
the very ones that make that sly grin

you make me plunge into your twisted sludge
your deadly concotions cause me to sin

im dancing with the devil
but i love the moves too much to cease

i am dazed by your deadly loveliness
this is making me sick

i should stop
but i dont

give me your toxic
the sweet spell you have me under
Alysha Feb 2019
What if there were toxins that fill the air,
And all us people do is roam around without a single care,
Until one day,
That someone finds a way to say
"Hey, this isn't fair,"
A simple limmerick
Star BG Sep 2017
Fear, hate, and judgements
are all toxins. Rid yourself of such things
and you get rid of insecurities, loneliness,
troubles, separation, and war, to open door
to happiness and freedom.

StarBG © 2017
Kee May 2017
The first time my lips touched a cigarette,
I cringed at the taste but I ****** and puffed the toxins anyways.
It was menthol.
I didn't know what that meant.
I didn't care.
I just wanted to be cool with my friends.
They were 14,
I was 12.
'Mature for my age'.
I had fitted in.
But was smoking that cigarette really, really worth it?
I haven't talked to those 'friends' in 6 years.
eli Oct 2016
she is a volition,
the love of my life.
took her for one night,
and lost all my sight.

jumping all around
the light of the room
the bright over the gloom
pleads goodbye to misery.

i am here to stay
the one who's true
every day, always new
i will show you the way.

bleed on stage,
and on the page.
lead to tear, and lead to stain.
this is pain.

gone from my system
no one to listen
the end is near,
loud and clear.

know i've said this
but she really was on the tip of my tongue.
small and pure, small and pure,
never again, shall i fall for your lure.
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