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Where once you knew
That which confuses
Brings one to question so many things
How can it be so untrue
Why were you so oblivious
Why did , I not see what , I knew
I was so consumed in you
I believed fell into the hope
I trusted that's the truth
I trusted you
So I'm not just hurt but mad at me
A bit disppointed in what I thought
You wonder why , I refuse to trust
You wonder why , I question now
I will not be confused by mask of deception or be fooled by pleasure
If I know if I knew
no longer will , I be left to question
© Jennifer Delong 3/11/19
Eric Jan 12
When someone tells you they love you
What does that mean to you ?
It means
I lose everything
I lose my very being
I lose everything I'm used to seeing
But love you decieve me
Tricked me into contentment
Believing I was comfortable
High Apon my feet shouting with Glee
But you decieved me.
Now I am alone
Not making a move
Because it comes with a fee
You take it so easily
As I crumble
With every part of me
I'm lost
The cost
Is too much
I let go
And forget I breath
I thought I was better
To know
When I was decieved.
Tyler Atherton Oct 2018
you say your there for me.
but when I really open up to you,
you just don't want to see it.
you act like you care,
but when I have these thoughts,
and break downs,
I ring and your never there.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
Sam Jul 2018
Your words are worth believing
It gives me reasons to love.
But never do I expect;
Your sweet talks that are entertaining
Are kind of bluffs and very decieving.

Thus, I regret the part where I trusted you
I should've never held you when I knew you were a rose full of thorns.
Now I am marred by fears -
To trust
And to love.

Noises in Mind, Copyright © 2014
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
Josh Overson Jan 2018
If I didn’t care I wouldn’t say anything...
When I think about you it hurts to breathe, all along there was pain up your sleeve. Thrown over my head, hidden under your bed, I wasn’t shown a thread...
Utterly decievied
*I can’t remember sleep
Did you ever dream?
JayceeJellies Dec 2017
Some people say my sad brain deceives me, I wonder if it's true?
Leila The Kiwi Apr 2016
I was once told:
"You can trust me"
"I'm here to help"
And "I'm here for you"
My innocent mind believed each word.
You had me convinced.
Looking back,
I can't help but wince

Your job is done;
I'm coated in your venom.
So, away you slither,
Abandoning me a final time.
Quietly, I wither

I don't blame you.
After all,
Who would want to hold
A heart laced with mold?

Nayana Nair Jan 2017
I have an idea of Myself.

And how often, in the unregistered intervals of time,

When thoughts of world avoided me

with as much  fervor as I avoid this world.

I think of what I am,

I realize that of all the people I have deceived,

the one I fooled with perfection was myself.

When I see what I do not want to,

my mind desperately grabs onto a stray thought,

to distract me from understanding

Of what I am about to realize.

But I know this game too well

and this is not a secret that I have uncovered

for the first time in life.

It is what I half-remember in all my waking hours

and all that I know of in my sleep.

I know this lie, I have been telling myself.

But today is not the day,

to shatter my Idea of Me

with one cruel realization.

The day, when it comes,

shall be the last I breathe as me.

For I cherish this Idea

more than myself.
Gary Oct 2014
Misty morning,  misty eyed
Rain falling from the sky
Memories fill my head
From last night, the last night
It was the darkest night
I ever have known
A tear fell for each thought I had of you
For each disbelief,
A shot of whisky, or two
You never believed in us, all this time
Never did you bring to the table of concerns, between you and I
Disbelief still lingers in my mind
Lying in the rain,
Erasing time
To think again, of what once was I
living my fantasy
Perhaps out of touch
During a time of what I thought, once was us.
Rachel Lyle Aug 2014
There stalks a fierce tiger
just outside of my door.
Audible are the steps;
yes, just outside of my door.
A shapeless shape shifts
pass my window, onward-
to my door.
Creaking and splitting
of the wood is heard,
just outside my back door.

Padded feet are of no safety,
Mr. Tiger Outside My Back Door;
for my treacherous fortress
is made of cheap wood
intended to split and to fray-
and, lookey!
I nailed you that way.

But woe,
As I open the back door,
I am presented with alley-cat kitten,
indeed, wounded by my back door.
Oh, enter sweet kitten;
I never meant you any harm.
Gushing apologies without aprehension.

The young cat yawns;
bites my heart out,
fulfilling his mission.
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