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Young lives are being slaughtered by knives
law and order seems to have no power
to contain the gangs creating such strife
brutality grows not by weeks but the hour
these crimes getting rapidly out of control
with no logic to the mounting toll!

The gangs culture has been allowed to expand
cities towns and villages none are immune
in the present climate they are in command
too often on the roadside flowers are strewn
lawlessness spreads as people are oppressed
helpless we stand as a society transgressed!

A bleak future violence escalates and discipline
is now lost allowing worrying complacency in
surely it extends far deeper into our culture
where nobody can see that hovering vulture!

Now nobody is safe from the threat of violence
as corruption destroys human tolerance!

violence seems out of control peace and understanding forgotten!#TheFoureyedPoet.
Another year has come to a violent end
yet again the people do not disappoint
death destruction chaos misery abound
nothing different to those times before
as always nature the master of mankind
with other malicious forces is entwined!

Another unknown year is about to start
here we go again into the twilight zone
full of uncertainty where nothing is clear
so may I just add Happy New Year!

In a society of perpetual war! Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
How in seconds our lives can change
remembering when we met what fun
it was incredible just being with you
how your love simply filled my heart
thought your feelings were the same
that view changed as hate came!

Felt a sharp pain in my back that night
with disbelief  in me you ****** a knife
your emotions had gone into reverse
sweet so kind thinking we were close
soul mates sharing our lives forever
now its my death we share together!

As if directed by dark unseen forces
spreading from an acrid domain
flames ignited consuming everything
flames ignited consuming everything
once arid forests and homes
swiftly succumbed to the raging fires
rising into black smoke spires!

Devouring all living matter in its wake
nothing sacred with such heat
those grasslands now totally destroyed
nothing left but smoldering ashes
in communities no matter their prestige
as each became under siege!

Ferocious and hungry any daylight masked
their lungs gasping to breath
trapped as they perilously tried to escape
the routes to safety fading
facing ahead death anguish and disbelief
victims united by loss and grief!

From the ashes soon comes another dawn!

Through the inferno their bid to survive!
Always had the obsession he was being followed
even before the digital generation
that familiar figure whom he had seen before
not certain this was his imagination
a click on the phone as if somebody listening
an uncomfortable sensation inside
now that object in his own home had moved
thought must be getting confused!

Atheist in his beliefs so no angel was by his side
yet felt a tingle of uncertainty
as if eyes were peering at him twenty four seven
over a couple of years  it was constant
technology had begun to advance as a brisk rate
intrusion of privacy a big debate!

Became bedeviled that some agency was listening
checking his data did not feel free
being a conspiracy theorist was often outspoken
many colleagues had been shut down
just told the truth of what he saw in this society
but this simply increased anxiety!

Filled with doubt about everything around him
sat one night staring very attentively
at his laptop screen when an image appeared
several days later he was discovered
by his worried girlfriend absolutely stone dead
face hideously distorted and crushed head!

What really had been watching and ended his life?
Never an investigation to ease pain or strife!

What is out there watching and listening?
He had been a vocal critic of the government
trying to expose their lies
that the people accepted as the gospel truth
knew he was being watched
certain it was not paranoia nowhere to hide
his privacy was denied!

His video channel censored and taken down
found it hard to be heard
began to feel his life maybe in grave danger
still determined to speak out
as agents began rapidly closing in on him
knew getting real facts out slim!

Began to shut himself away kept in contact
with others in his circle
who became known as the hard resistance
telling what was really going on
with little success as the public in a bubble
unable to see they were in trouble!"

Most wrapped up in themselves unable to see
a bigger picture of a society
those divided and trapped by social injustice
wars destruction of nations
where the innocent were continually dying
as upon us all they were spying!

He was a sincere man who loved his family
but he was found with his wife
daughter and pet dog slaughtered at home
the official line he was the killer
murdering them then committing suicide
but his friends knew they had lied!

All his files and documents were missing
yet the conspiracy was accepted
for most of the population it was shocking
a tragedy but what happened
main news outlets clearly said it was true
so no official enquiry would ensue!

Is this another conspiracy theory or a fact?

They all felt the truth was not being told!
Was he going crazy had not been drinking
taken any drugs or ingested pills
yet certain his car had been parked here
contacted the duty attendant
also angry at the difficulty in locating him
after coming out of his local gym!

Eventually an irritated middle aged male
met him outside of his office
after returning from having his late lunch
followed this concerned driver
guided him back only to see it was there
in disbelief could only stare!

With a grunt the man left the confused driver
to ponder his sanity and eyesight
as still sweating he drove cautiously home
deeply puzzled at this latest glitch
these episodes had happened to him before
were these illusions he must not ignore?

Was this earth that he had known all his life
until now had believed it solid
realised matter was atoms tightly linked
but was it really a scientific fact
as increasingly objects were disappearing
could outside forces be interfering?

What was real anymore he thought glancing
around the street in which he lived
once in his house at the furniture and closely
at the fabric of his dwelling as well
was he alive or controlled by a puppet master
reality true or fabricated disaster!

Is what you wake up to each day and remember
actually happening or green screen images
an electronic society where anything can be made
by different types of artificial intelligence
can you be certain that the voice  or faces are real
on your devices is it truly the honest deal?

Be careful out there you never know whose observing!

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