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from the bird in the sky
we hear no cry
yet it always hears us
it hears as our heartbeats quicken
breaths freeze
and thoughts race
it swoops down
tries to get closer
wanting a bite of our body
while we suffocate ourselves
with our tears
it can hear us no longer
though its wandering eyes search
we have build ourselves a house
that none can penetrate
but none
Arcassin B Mar 31
By Arcassin Burn

Welcome to the year of the end,
you better look for better sayings when use a new pen,
see all your family before its too late for friends,
walk to all your enemies and make a mends,
how the hell do you ever get the message if it won't send?
make your mark on the earth before it really does end,
you could ignore my meta mind here,
all in me.

third eye not even open but I'm still woke,
stupid still drinking fructose in their coke,
but who am I to be smart like i have two lab coats and,
when i am a lab rat like the rest of ya'll without a poll,
to decide and vote where the universe might take us,
everyone deserves a purpose , the vultures take and leave us,
so while I sit and think how life could be different in mind,
all you human beings are still blind,
the light is all in me.

Tizzop Nov 2019
manager demanded: write
for all of 'em

conscience claimed: write

yesterday time
stopped passing by
yesterday i
floated above the
hudson river

grand mansions
polished shores


the pillage started when
scavengers pillaged

don't get me wrong you
get me?
Swastik mittal Jun 2019
I am a vulture
flying in the sky
eating up my problems
coming in my mind

I catch up my faults
in claws, I coil
and bury them in ground
to fertile my soil
Chicken May 2019
She only
Winds her long bald neck in
to heave another drag
She is the local vulture
Old Hag.
The person this is written about, is a person who physically smiles and enjoys when her actions cause kids to suffer and cry.

She is seriously abusive.

If anyone’s having a good time, she will endeavour to destroy it and you. Sad thing is, she’s only destroying herself.

Just in case the ‘be nice to people’ patrol stroll in :D
Young lives are being slaughtered by knives
law and order seems to have no power
to contain the gangs creating such strife
brutality grows not by weeks but the hour
these crimes getting rapidly out of control
with no logic to the mounting toll!

The gangs culture has been allowed to expand
cities towns and villages none are immune
in the present climate they are in command
too often on the roadside flowers are strewn
lawlessness spreads as people are oppressed
helpless we stand as a society transgressed!

A bleak future violence escalates and discipline
is now lost allowing worrying complacency in
surely it extends far deeper into our culture
where nobody can see that hovering vulture!

Now nobody is safe from the threat of violence
as corruption destroys human tolerance!

violence seems out of control peace and understanding forgotten!#TheFoureyedPoet.
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
And through the hills and down to the valley to find a place to nest
the warblers,
the songbirds,
and the wrens alike.
Feathered avians here and there with a song they’ve known since childhood.
They chirp and they flutter,
but I shriek and sputter.
They tweet and call,
but I cackle and fall.
When face to face with flocks of gorgeous birds and their equally breathtaking tunes,
I’m often left to wonder
why I turned out so grim.
Was it the way I was born?
The nest I grew up in?
Or was I never supposed to be
the agile, effortless creature
everyone wished me to be?
I am an ugly, revolting, thing
and that explains why nobody loves me.
How could anyone love a beast like me?
Lili Grosserova Nov 2018
VULTURE, circling
on the blood sky,  shot
Dropping dead
Grey Oct 2018
Crow looked at Vulture
Asked, "Why do you bring death?"
Vulture looked at Crow
Said, "For the reason misfortune is your burden to bear"
Crow looked at Vulture
Asked, "And why must you taste blood?"
Vulture looked at Crow
Said, "For the reason your eyes catch the sunlight"
Crow looked at Vulture
Asked, "And why must we remain this way?"
Vulture looked at Crow
And he looked at Crow
And Crow looked back
And Vulture said, "We have known nothing more"
And Crow looked back
"Then we must learn"
"Then we must learn"
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