Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
And through the hills and down to the valley to find a place to nest
the warblers,
the songbirds,
and the wrens alike.
Feathered avians here and there with a song they’ve known since childhood.
They chirp and they flutter,
but I shriek and sputter.
They tweet and call,
but I cackle and fall.
When face to face with flocks of gorgeous birds and their equally breathtaking tunes,
I’m often left to wonder
why I turned out so grim.
Was it the way I was born?
The nest I grew up in?
Or was I never supposed to be
the agile, effortless creature
everyone wished me to be?
I am an ****, revolting, thing
and that explains why nobody loves me.
How could anyone love a beast like me?
Lili Grosserova Nov 2018
VULTURE, circling
on the blood sky,  shot
Dropping dead
Grey Oct 2018
Crow looked at Vulture
Asked, "Why do you bring death?"
Vulture looked at Crow
Said, "For the reason misfortune is your burden to bear"
Crow looked at Vulture
Asked, "And why must you taste blood?"
Vulture looked at Crow
Said, "For the reason your eyes catch the sunlight"
Crow looked at Vulture
Asked, "And why must we remain this way?"
Vulture looked at Crow
And he looked at Crow
And Crow looked back
And Vulture said, "We have known nothing more"
And Crow looked back
"Then we must learn"
"Then we must learn"
Andrew Dec 2017
On the internet
I begin to fret
When I keep learning my worth
Like I have been since birth
This thing called online dating
Seems to give me my rating

The conversation is scripted
No matter how I've flipped it
I conjure a hello ****
When they answer
In the form of lol
They strike a ko
Once they type ****
And my skin starts to fry
When I read kthxbai
I'm left staring at a computer
Wishing I had been ruder
So I become jaded
And develop a slick approach
My patience has faded
And I start to think like a coach
Drawing x's and o's
To get people I chose

There are those that stalk
And those that balk
Some just want to talk
And it's never their fault
There are those that are mean
And those that are green
Some are just teens
All looking to be seen
I'm the watcher
Their profiles remain the same as days become the past
I'm the botcher
I either go too slow or too fast
So I stay perfectly still
And wait for my fill
I become a scavenger ravager
When winter comes I am savager
To those I consider mere passengers

Other vultures migrate south for the winter
I remain sedentary on a power line
Frost develops on my wings
I seek warmth to survive
I see a dying stallion laying in an empty field alone
I swoop in for the ****
My quest for survival becomes one of comfort
For the taste of the stud infatuates me
And my enthusiasm overwhelms me
As I eat through its exterior into its heart
I find its diminishing warmth unsatisfactory
But I'm caught in its rib cage
And what was once sustenance
Is now my blizzard prison
It's a big derision
Not flying through the air
But also not quite a pair
So I wait for a summer that may never show
My life lit by the computer screen's glow
Displaying faces of people I'll never know
My vulture's talons buried in desert snow
Michael King Apr 2018
As I walked over the mountain tops
with glory in my hair.
I saw a bird upon the wing.
It floated in the air.

It hovered near, above my head
not leaving for a while.
Just glared at me, like food for free.
I swear I saw a smile.

I swear this bird, this soaring beast
had me in terrors grips.
It longed to be the end of me
to ******* blood... one sip.

But I was not a weakened soul,
and on these heights I strode.
As surely as the sun was high
and in this bitter cold.

This bird would never get to me
or strike in me a fear
of being eaten dead alive.
Worms crawling in my ear.

Oh bird alight, please fly away.
I'm fearful of your stares.
On this day, I surely know, you'll
linger in my nightmares.
ashley marie Feb 2018
Sing, Sing, Sing,
Ruffle, trees, in the sound of the wind
Let not the cry bother you.
Dance, Dance, Dance,
Let not your father’s scent be lost for direction,
Sing praise, homeless bird, that the great vulture
Shall not tear off your wings.
Entomb your soul, and sing.
Return your being, and sing.
Flutter to the skies, and sing.
Bow your head to the noble talon and sing.
If you may fall, let me fall with you.
If you may fly, let me fly with you.
If you may die, let me die with you.
Ashley Hope Nov 2017
Go Ahead and eat my carcass like the vulture that you know you are,
pick away at my insecurities, you're good at that,
pick at me untill I'm skinned away of myself,
Till i'm nothing but bone,
like you want me to be,
Till you can no longer see any color other than white,
am i pure enough for you now?,
probably not,
pick away at the confidence i got from distancing myself from you,
go ahead,
strike me in my nervous system,
pick the most sensitive parts of my skin that you know hurt the most,
pluck out my eyes so i can no longer cry when you pick me apart,
please do,
because i know that as long as my carcass is here you'll never stop eating me alive,
eat away at my stomach from all the times i downed pills to get away from you,
eat my brain,
so that you yourself will die,
because my brains an acid filled abyss that you corroded,
eat at my brain so i can dissolve your soul away,
like you did mine,
and give me back my peace of mind.
#family #vulture
Marta Jul 2017
My eyes look up to the sky   
To see
The clouds twirling with the wind.
A new shade of grey is displayed every time
Ribbons of thunderous clouds roll by

Two dragon flies collide  
On this August night
They drunkenly hover near one another
I hear their tiny giggles
Then like a bolt of lightning, they fly away to hide

What appeared to be a dove in the air
Has transformed into a vulture
More ghastly than his mangy feathers
Is his cold stare

He has landed on the tallest grave,
He patrols the rolling hills
Made of endless tomb stones
Each one beholding a lost loved ones name
Branden Youngs Jul 2017
I was so busy building a wall to keep everyone out
that I didn’t realize I was locking myself in.
Now I’m completely trapped within myself
and the civil war for my soul begins.

I’m left alone to tear down a wall that was built to keep hundreds out.
My monsters are winning this war and I will soon perish in my doubt.

A vulture is the only thing I can see
mocking me from the boundaries of my wall.
Soon it will be his time to dine
as I think I’ll leave my body by nightfall.
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