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Mark kenny Jan 7
Don't you think that life could go sideways
Until you realize you have another dimension to living anyways.

But you are afraid of entering a phase you know nothing about
The dark side won't look more like a fiction or a rollercoaster
It would be a phase you wonna cast away until look closer.

The side you are currently facing might be where you get closer with yourself
Don't look far the dark side is just a way to tap into your inner self
Don't flinch when the ideas start poping in because you might lose yourself
Relax and enjoy how embracing your inner self can bring light to yourself
The dark side is a reflection of who you are scared to look at when you see yourself.
Don't cast away the part of yourself that you need the most.
S Bharat Dec 2019
Twin Flame

Thou walk abreast
And take me to thee
I forget the rest
For thou art with me

I listen to my name
And thy whisper to me
I sense thy flame
For thou art in me

Thou offer me love
And fill heart with glee
Thou art my dove
For thou art but me

S. Bharat
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2019
I know
I'm vulnerable
And I remember
My mistakes
And this is my strength

I choose no options
Except, to carry on
A gift of life
A divine soul
With in
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Let me learn more || What if everyone knows their vulnerability
Eric Jun 2019
Little horizontal linings, with bountiful treasures finding , happiness between the walls of tidings.unwinding the fact we're all crying , inside an it's denying the lying .
The here and now in my Little House of hell, words may tell , but moral of the story is , I'm unwell. This Little House is small these days , as if I fell . Looking up at things , I just can't tell. I try to be one with all , but I realized we are in hell . There aint no way out , dying , happens to be a dream without a doubt . Where no screams or shouts , can be heard even when it came from your heart and you felt,.... out.
And just came back to the same Little House.
-I feel stories need to be told -
Euphie Dec 2018
Poetry describes the inner darkness,
that I hide from the world.

I guess you could say,
I am just a villain
in my own story.
Qazawat Zirak Oct 2018
Once came a Big Explosion
That marked the Clock of Evolution
Which put forth Message of Expansion
Forcing Inner Universe in Revitalization
Then came another Explosion...
Michael Sep 2018
As I sit here consuming the evenings last few conscious thoughts,
It occurs to me that the thoughts in my heart do not match the way I talk.

I talk of kindness, care, and of love, And of putting everyone around me way above.

I think and feel that I could ****, at the slightest drop of a hat.
Normal people do not think like that.

Knowing what I am is the scariest of thoughts.
Knowing I’m undeserving is a feeling that I’ve caught.

The darkness that resides within me, consumes my every thought.
Yet I have the audacity to walk a kindly talk.
I have the bare faced cheek to ignore my darkest thoughts.

They are part of me I know, but I must not put them on show.
The darkness is my failing, nobody else needs to know.
A few of my innermost thoughts on who and what I am. Identity is a fragile and fickle thing.
Nexus Jul 2018
*******! I'm a ******, got no grit and finds life hard.
Got ***** whipped and now I can't get hard. Gonna sing myself to sleep and dream of discharge.
Walk a mile, fake a smile, i'm stuck as a child.
Fighting my mind, desperately trying not to be evil.
People dying, I see them. A voice, it tells me to eat them.
I know your insides I can practically feel them,
Every bone, every muscle and tendon.
Skinless people feel they need to follow me around,
I try to run but they catch up and pin me to the ground.
Pry my mouth wide, put your tongue inside and suddenly there's no sound.
A white noise fills my mind and a darkness washes over my eyes.
I'm skinless too, I can join those who used to follow me, through the red I see blonde.
Lips i need to kiss, a skinless body I need to hold.
-Bradley M Hodgson
Cos Lib Jul 2018
While secret angels watch my steps
I walk inside a maze at night
I've heard about an ancient myth
excitement grows, so I turn right

I find small cracks in glossy walls
the maze it lights all by itself
how could this be? Inside this cleft?
I walk and wonder, then turn left.

No, right it was, or how was this?
I get confused by all this “same”,
all cracked up walls, although in light
I start to feel the loss of bliss.

How could I think that this was smart!
Or wait a minute - never did,
just heard this myth and wanted more,
it speaked all clear and bright to heart.

And now, the longest passageway,
in endless steps I walk again
and maybe now I wished I stayed
in velvet bed, escaped from rain.

But here I am, oh well I might
as well begin to find the trail
I dreamt of clouds and ancient arts
and in this room: I found The Grail.

But now I heard this strangest noise
a growl or something from within
it was like screams from forest depths
and I'm quite sure it's not my kin.

I want to turn, to go back home,
but all behind me stops to glow
It's like I need to see and choose
what's done is done, and now I know.

So choice is made, I have to walk
towards this creature in the night
although the screams get to my bones,
I walk with safe and loving light.

Oh my, these walls! But finally!
I get to see an end in sight,
and now, this ends quite frightfully
my meeting with the darkest night.

And there it is, this beast of old
it searches in the open air
a beast like this with feet of mold
with *****, smelly, ugly hair.

It senses me, yes this I see,
but now it's quiet as myself
it's like it asks me of my plea
it hurts and cries - like inner self.

At end I dare to get it close,
it's blind, it doesn't see me there,
but oh, it senses and it knows
and in its eye I see a tear.

I touch its head, and then I feel,
this growling deep inside of me
a sorrow lost, I need to kneel
I need to set this feeling free.

And now the beast, it starts to glow,
its eyes can see the sights again,
and I feel inner peace and flow
and heavy, healing, pouring rain.

The secret angels reappear
and give me smiles of warmth and love
they free the beast from chain and snare
and then return back to above.

At last I stand, alone in maze
I thought was meant for Holy Grail
but all was test of inner praise
of mind and body, although frail.
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