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Left To Rot May 2021
I trusted a burglar,
she broke into my carefully organized mind
took everything out of it's place and stole my peace.
I'd give you a discription
but she's out of this world,
all I can say is she had red curls and magic green eyes.
Sura Aug 2020
she was a horror movie...
he was a ******* coward
who died within the first 5 minutes.
jg May 2020
Your deceitful words and actions will forever be in my mind.
They hurt like hell but thank to them i stand unblind
And realize with pain, that you were never mine

You ask for a forgivness i can never give,
Despite how much our voices we crave
with that we shall ever live.

You left me with a fear i've never felt,
Your pain made me forget how i used to melt
in your gaze, but now my heart for peace only prays...
morgan Apr 2018
i thought i stopped loving you the first time
but the thing is people kept coming and going
but no one has ever made me feel the way you made me feel
i keep reaching out to anyone who would take me
this empty shell of a person
with the hope they can fill my heart the way you could
but a part of me knows that the second i lost you
i would never be full again
please come back
Lexi Fields Mar 2018
We created a forest

A forest we created and also destroyed

Destroyed with wild raging arguments
Spitting flames at each other’s sheltered hearts

Destroyed with shaking walls from redirected fists
Swinging drunk hands in hopes of getting your way

Destroyed with hurricanes of tears from sleepless nights
Drowning in sorrow and regret from words and actions

Some nights when I can’t sleep
I find myself walking through the same forest
Reliving all the bad
But also all good

The nights spent dancing under the fake stars
That we hung in the living room
The days we spent climbing trees, racing to the top

Even though i am no longer the person I was before you
And you are no longer the same person you were before me

I still miss you
I still hope you miss me
I hope that you miss me so much
That you too walk through our forest
Touch every scorched tree
Every split rock
Every raging river
And think of me
The good and the bad
As salt on the senses
as water the heart,
bad hand of cards delta you,
watching mer-sea depart.
Abie Johnson May 2017
She hid her feelings behind a charmer
Who made her eyes gleam
Her innocent laughter to his larks
I locked myself in the dark

With his winson coat
Everyday was just plain bliss
For every bus she board
He wouldn't miss

I made my wishes
Dreamt a thousand dreams
Prayed as much I could
There's a mountain before me
One which I couldn't climb

How often I say "I love you"
Though never told how thankful I am
For the memories you gave me
One with the blood red lipstick stain

I remember clearly that day
I met you first
Remember the word I mumbled
And the emotions left unsaid

All this time together
You mean so much more to me
My life and all my dreams
PS I still believe it's forever
Without any doubt
Don't read this in pursuit of love, happiness or inspiration
I do write this for your admiration.
So I say this once, dont be disgusted nor discouraged by what you see here below
Away stricken with anger I go. . .

Id like to take a second to say ******* you and you
For its because of three yous that this anger ensues
I'd tried to endure it, I tried to be nice
I've now heard it not once but 3 x twice

If you have something to to say keep inside
Otherwise shut the **** up and strap in for a ride
I'm not keen nor willing to find another love
But hey what the hell we'll give him a shove

No other love will ever be better than hers
Dont need no more ******* saboteurs
I will do as I please, and love who I like
Pushy *** know-better-than-yous I thoroughly dislike

So I'll say it now and again and again
From all that stupid *** ******* I'd ask you to refrain
Now thanks for the pathetic waste of time
Didn't know taking back someone was such a ******* *crime
Yeah? So I dumped her cause things weren't working out. You think cause you've heard a bit about my relationship you're an expert on what it's like? Come of it. . .
I left a girl I felt I was doing no good, but you see she wasn't ready to admit it was my fault so little by little she won my heart back
But of course your overflowing ego caused you to miss that part.
As soon as I'd left I was right where I belonged, in the comfort of my partner who I was destined to be with. Frankly shes sweeter, kinder, funnier and somehow prettier than ever
So ******* you and you for thinking we were through
Cheyenne Sep 2015
In the middle of the city,
We find our safe haven
Darkness surrounds us,
peaceful and silent.
Grass keeps us bounded
As we gaze at the stars.
My backyard is our escape,
Neither of us speak.
We are protected,
from the chaos of the world
But if I flew,
I would run into a cliff.
another from class.
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