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Nov 2019
Midnight marks the darkest hour
And I lay in bed awake-
As I listen to the tiptoes of an intruder
Trying to be sneaky tonight

A lean figure appears in my door
A smile on their face

I swoon as he stands in the moonlight
Gleaming in all his dark glory-
Mystery always did have a wonderful lure

Everything about him spoke a million questions
The true embodiment of mystery -
Such as
Why would this fellow visit me in the dark of night?
There were thousands resting just alike

My mystery man stalked closer,
No caution displayed openly-
And as he reached out his gloved hand
I felt sparks ignite my form

I shot up from bed-
The shock was evident on this greek god
But I could care less

I was done playing games
I asked him his purpose
His reason
For tempting me when the night has grown so cold

He vanished-
Once my fingers grazed him,
He was gone as if he hadn’t come
And yet again, I was all alone

The mystery man visited me every night-
same time same place
But once we touched he was gone
So I wondered if I was going crazy instead

As time grew on
I began opening my arms wider
To the dark mystery that was this man
And eventually, he joined me

We became one
Madness and all
Some say things aren’t always what they seem
And perhaps they were right

My mystery man
Now clear as day-
Is no man in truth

A man is a monster
A darkness
My darkness

He filled me with fear
And anguish
And madness

Those who cannot resist the temptation
Risk losing more than just that-
They risk their sanity and mind
And revert into their darkest side

The temptress always so evil
Will wear you as a ring-
And mold you to their liking
Until you can't think a thing

Beware of midnight visitors
Though they seem perfect so-
They are filled with more lies then mystery
And it has truly come to show
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