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Simon Sep 2020
Forever, isn't a contemplation for a girl's nature of "temptation" to be (now and forevermore)...become "tempted" itself! Don't be naive.... Because if it does go according to this very standard wish of one's very contemplation state... Then your again (now and forevermore) meant to be..."naive!" Wishes don't contemplate your desires into a wishful bottle full of unlimited possibilities. But instead take rapid possession of that very "bottle full of unlimited possibilities"... And suspects that very girl to commit (right away) towards the very situational desires that grow on that very contemplation state itself. (Like vines that are just willingly able to sprout itself as part of it's tempted nature to do so, among natures own contemplation state.)
Something this very girl would argue isn't the same (when and ONLY when)...they start to officially "doubt" that very contemplation state (first and foremost).
And this is when the very quote to this very passage weeps accordingly to that very contemplation state. When it (first and foremost) becomes "tempted" by that very nature (that's made to be this main ingredient...forever)!
Because when that happens... Then that very girl's "tempted" contemplation, is made too be (forever open) to the possibilities for more issues to start to arise more attraction to the girl's very temptation towards that very contemplation state. And it does this either (first or last). Since it now (forevermore) doesn't matter what implication first arises in whatever order or category, essentially speaking. Whatever exchanges that very trade for trust to be the beneficial reason for doubt to "taint" ALL for a single contemplation to meet it's end... Would then officially (more than ever)...become the last certified "lasting" impression for the girls very tempted self among a contemplation.
Then whatever comes next (before whatever had just "centered" itself first and foremost) will in fact bend to the will of the next sequence of events, essentially too follow.
PS... Remember, "forever" is made to reason the abstract will to a girl's more "primal" justification at heart!
Detesting full logic to the benefits of some untested angle here (without knowing of the entire implications ahead of time)... Would in fact spill out trouble for the (least likely too succeed), reasonably speaking.
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
The night sky

Will be my outline

My dreams will shine



Will my words

String them together

Each idea

A constellation

Reach out

Reach out

Allow your fingertips

To tangle

With my sentences

My heart is full

Like the moon

Shine so bright

That some nights

The darkness is consumed

By my light

I allow myself to fall back


Fall back to the horizon

So I become a paragraph of stars

And your eyes are my audience
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
A beautiful keepsake

Are the words

I miss you

Hold them


Softly dance

Along fingertips

I can see you

In the outline

Of each word


For a second

You name

Upon my tongue

I miss you

Is a sweet moment

Tucked under my pillow

Blanketing my dreams

Your smile

Is always close to me

Fold your memory


Hold it in my back pocket

Reading it over and over

In every spare second

A beautiful keepsake

Are the words

I miss you
Amanda Hawk Jun 2020
in a soft glow
I find myself asleep
lightly gripping
a shadow
laying down, I see
the perfect outline
before dawn
it seems to glow
and I find you
before you disappear
into the daylight
in the predawn fog
a faint outline of fences
could be observed
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2019
Babe I hope you know
Every silver lining found
Is shaped just like you
My silver lining forever
Nick Stiltner Sep 2018
Why does the morning pass by so quickly?
The grey light fades steadily away
as the sun reaches the top of its ascent.
Empty coffee cups, the bottom layered with grounds,
sit on the desk by the window.

Sewn into the fabric, intricately woven,
the multi colored threads begin to overlap
and are tightened, pulled through by the sure hand
of the passing hours.

The outline blurs,
the voice of memory begin to dissolve.
The faded face mouths the words
but I cannot remember the sound,
lost to the piling sands
at the bottom of the hourglass.
D Jul 2018
Outline the moon on the skin of his back,
he's never ashamed when I help him relax
Tracing the moon, the stars, and your smile
Flow Nov 2017
Secret vibes that
reached inside.
To find...
collective words
without an outline.
Colm May 2017
She’s always walking away
And at a pace that’s too fast for me
And even though I walk alone
And rather quickly
She is always walking steadily
Away from me
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