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Iris Madden Jul 2017
don't hope too high, daydreamer
all good things
are too good
to be true
All disappointment
is too painful
to be a lie
and what's desired
by one
is far from another's mind
so dreams go
and will never exist
as reality.
Matthew A Cain Jun 2017
Angel Eyes with the Devil living inside
would you leave me be because I can't sleep
I lie awake at night with you on my mind
replaying the time when you kissed me under the sheets
Iris Madden Feb 2017
Good surprises
leave me be.
Decent starts are deceitful,
and we're all heartbroken
by the end.
Sometime early
I dreamt of his love
Tomorrow our lips must go untouched,
Today I admitted who I've missed
but she should have just
left me alone as I was,
sparking past hopes
could be a murderous crime
if I had a passion
for anything at all.
My try at charm and wit
a pitiful attempt
to one so charming.
So scared of falling
back into the numbness,
but I'd never realized
how much easier life is
when you can't feel your feelings.
-Iris Madden
What would have been two lovely surprises, did not come through...
cosmos Jan 2016
"It's too good to be true"
Is what people say
When things actually go their way
When happiness envelops their lives
When the skies are filled with rainbows and unicorns

It's sad
How when things
Are going great
It automatically becomes unbelievable

But there's no one to blame
Because truly
When things are going well
Dark clouds are also likely to come

Remember when
We were perfectly happy
In each other's arms?
We laughed our hearts out 24/7?
Fights were composed of
Who gets to put down the phone
After 6 hours of nonstop talking?

I should've known
You were too good to be true.
Alexandra Nov 2015
I'm not quite sure where we were
Maybe the tunnels by the creek
Or maybe the canyons on the west side
Those details are minor
Because what I remember
Is my head on your chest
And your whisper in my ear

You told me we'd figure it all out
Someday, this would all make sense
But I wasn't so focused on your words
As I was remembering your scent in my hair

Eventually my heart slowed
I feel as if it's been racing for days
And my breaths became more even
As your chest rose and fall

What a feeling peaceful bliss is
Or maybe it'd be more appropriate
To call it ignorance
To think that maybe we were made for each other

I awake and darkness surrounds me
What a surprise, it's 3am
My heart sinks a little
And a slow chill envelopes me
As I realize you're not there, you never were
It was just a dream
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
Aladdin and Jasmine
aren't the only ones
to experience a whole new world,
I have begun.

And it's so refreshing,
this time I won't come undone
Somewhat of a blessing
and tremendous fun.

You're a breeze to the soul,
when it's had a harsh summer.
Cooling the affects of my heart's tolls,
like my favorite November.

I hope you're someone I'm glad to remember,
Regardless I'm sure you'll join the club of my heart
as an exclusive member.
All I can do is sigh :)
Hollow Jul 2014
The words still ring with an ethereal hum
"I'm proud of the woman that you have become"


The wandering waters of unknowing
Have been forced ashore
By the tides of acceptance

And I am happy oblige
For too long have I drifted
Upon the endless non existence
Of emptiness


The word seems unfamiliar to me
But with the foreignism
Comes arrows of hope
That pierce the stark pessimistic thoughts


I will sing this word from every angle of my world
Every misdirected pathway
Every crayon scribbled corner that I know

From the bottom of my gut
And the top of my heart
I can say
And smile with the thought

I am forgiven
And I forgive

Forgetting comes later
It never hurts to be loved once in a while.

— The End —