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Your water's drying
Your life is in the cup
Your trees are dying
Your wildlife's locked up
You're in the zoo man...
When will you wake up?
How do you feel about it?
Do you accept and submit,
Throw in the towel and quit,
Or turn humbly to God and
With a heart of contrition
Ask Him to to be forgiven
Repenting for and turning from
The sin that was our own decision
Through the ultimate sacrifice,
Jesus Christ was crucified
He paid the cost of our sinful life
With His bloodshed He became The Way
That us sinners when we died
With Him, we died to sin
Three days later when He rose again
He defeated death, the wages of our sin.
Trust in Him He's the Solid Rock
On His firm foundation
We have sure salvation.
Through Jesus Christ !
"God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life."
- John 3:16
Mark Wanless May 2022

from height a feel
onto solid water
sky of blue
LC Apr 2021
he glued down a blue, square tile
to the bare, boring floor.
my purple triangle moved in
right next to the square
like it was meant to be there.
our hands kept the tiles in place,
then we took a step back,
and his arms surrounded me.
we did this every day
until the pattern became
our solid foundation.
#escapril day 8!
LC Dec 2020
when her heart flutters faster
than the wings of a hummingbird,
his steady heartbeat anchors her
to the solid ground underneath their feet.
Unpolished Ink Jul 2020
All rock is retired

A former molten beastie

Breath belching fire
I like the idea of the life of rocks
Irakli Beria Mar 2020
Feeling - really emotionally
And filling
From solid, continuous rings
Consistent - Chain...
He can be saved
A ship destined to sink.
Agent Sea of ​​the massive desert,
Build a forest on the steppe...

My feeling disappears in the chain,
You'll see you until...
John McCafferty Jan 2020
Brazen stirred emotions from the mountain top
Released undeterred to flow downhill
From the meadows through thick forest to solid oak
Followed raw heated rage to a path of implicit destruction
Pleasant land starts to rumble
Quiver and stumble
A river once dry comes alive.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Go ahead
Strip me down
And let my bare skin glisten in the moonlight
Like a lost penny.
Smooth, rich and brown

Stroll strategically towards the stranger
That you wish to straddle between your thighs
Yet never know intimately

Haven't you noticed that my thoughts stream on infinitely?

Flawlessly they stretch out
And might even strike a cord with you
Like a string quartet enveloping
your world with an influx of sound
If only you'd let them

I could take your mind to the brink with a wink
And single link of the syllables inside my head
Yet, I just nod politely

Sink into the couch with me
And without a blink drink in my nakedness
Like an alcoholic ogling a bottle of Jack's at the side of a liquor store

Stroke the corpulent curves that you so desire
No need to straggle
Or strive to garner any form of familiarity

You've unbuttoned my shirt with your fingers
But why can't I undress you with my words?
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