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Irakli Beria Mar 18
Feeling - really emotionally
And filling
From solid, continuous rings
Consistent - Chain...
He can be saved
A ship destined to sink.
Agent Sea of ​​the massive desert,
Build a forest on the steppe...

My feeling disappears in the chain,
You'll see you until...
Brazen stirred emotions from the mountain top
Released undeterred to flow downhill
From the meadows through thick forest to solid oak
Followed raw heated rage to a path of implicit destruction
Pleasant land starts to rumble
Quiver and stumble
A river once dry comes alive.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Go ahead
Strip me down
And let my bare skin glisten in the moonlight
Like a lost penny.
Smooth, rich and brown

Stroll strategically towards the stranger
That you wish to straddle between your thighs
Yet never know intimately

Haven't you noticed that my thoughts stream on infinitely?

Flawlessly they stretch out
And might even strike a cord with you
Like a string quartet enveloping
your world with an influx of sound
If only you'd let them

I could take your mind to the brink with a wink
And single link of the syllables inside my head
Yet, I just nod politely

Sink into the couch with me
And without a blink drink in my nakedness
Like an alcoholic ogling a bottle of Jack's at the side of a liquor store

Stroke the corpulent curves that you so desire
No need to straggle
Or strive to garner any form of familiarity

You've unbuttoned my shirt with your fingers
But why can't I undress you with my words?
Wyatt Nov 2019
There’s much strength
in firm, solid ground
yet I’m still obsessed
with having my head
deep in the clouds.
We all start to fall when we
get hungover from the high.
We forget how to be humble
when we get a taste of the sky.
One of many lessons. - 3
Osiria Melody Feb 2019
It is I, who is shaken by the subliminal
lies said through your eyes
Which are unfaithful to the truth
I'd rather feign my sadness, lest my
existence disturbs you
Drown me in my apprehensions, a
labyrinth of my fragmented ego
Savor my tears, for I have cried enough
to **** my pride
Yet, it is I who is still shaken
My dearest friend, lover

I do not know how to mourn by the river
Taking my soul, all torn and withered
No one can tell me where I lie
Standing upon my ground, goes awry
Hastily making the gravest mistakes
My heart trembles, never quakes
Such tender darkness, so trivial
Makes my voice come alight through my upheavals

Oh, tell me if my fears mean nothing
Throwing my tears against an unknown something
Only burns, the reprimanding light of day
Night, only sense of freedom, in shape
Thunderous words strike my being
Negative washes do cleaning
To breathe is to draw in one less breath
To speak is to utter one less regret

I don't know how to mourn by the river
Drawing me in, my faults come hither
Relentless suffering that visits my head
I wish something else could visit me instead
I don't know how to mourn from the river
Secret despondence, my only killer
My dearest friend, lover
Show me how to mourn by the river

Grief is like a river which ebbs and flows.
Oskar Erikson Mar 2019
laying with blue skies
in your hair
earthy reddened clay
across your cheeks
the river in your
shoulder blades
smokey fires blooming
from your thighs
solid mountains holding
your ankles together.

You stand and smile at me from across the street
so I pray to Gaia
to be a mistake you can’t help but repeat.
Katherine Feb 2019
Times may be tough,
The rain might feel rough,
But the feeling you give me beats it all.

Clouds may be gray,
No sun in the day,
But with a future with you I stand tall.

Money might be tight,
Nothing going right,
But with you it could never be wrong.

Days might drag,
Sore bones make us lag,
But for you.. I will always long.

We might feel the stress,
With everything being such a mess,
But I cant imagine life without you.

When my world is crashing down,
And I feel like I might drown,
You are my rock and I hope I am yours too.
Rizna M Rameez Jan 2019
I'm always trying to keep my feet on solid ground
As the world around me crumbles
Powdered sand
through my fingers

I'm glad I have that trust space
I can always fall .
 ......                             on
I've made the poem end just as unstable and incomplete as the feelings in motion through the poem.
Sketcher Nov 2018
I understand pain can be found worldwide,
And pain can teach us things in life that can be applied,
To love and relationships alongside,
The fact that she has me feeling like Mr. Brightside,
What's the lesson I'm supposed to learn here,
To be strong, secure, solid, stable, and preserver,
I would rather trash feelings and disappear,
Getting right up and out of this putrid atmosphere,
Kiss me when you're high, love me when you're sober,
Reject me when you're sober, then crap, it's all over,
I can't portray reality like Donald Glover,
And I can't make you feel better in this month of October,
Getting with you would be like finding a four-leaf clover,
But I'll continue writing until I get a lot older.
Anya Sep 2018
The little children stand squished together
in a tight enclosed space
Unable to be completely still

A solid phase

Then, they start to squirm some more
as their boredom takes over
some start coming off
the tightly knit shape
More and more
and open spaces
Until its a shapeless mass of kids
Each with ample space

Liquid phase

Then they get tired of standing around
Some start playing tag
Running about
Until finally,
The once tightly knit
is simply
a few random kids
zooming around
here and there

Gas phase
The kids were molecules going from a solid to a liquid to a gas phase as energy was being added by the way in case you didn't get it.
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