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myranda 3d
How can you sleep at night
Knowing  your tearing a family apart
Do you think your saving someone
Saving them and giving them a better life
In reaity YOUR NOT!!!!
She says
"You need to get stight A's"
"you need to change who you are"
And you cant stay stay who you are or where you belong
How can you sleep at night
When you used her for sexaul things
Then up and left
Useing her like a toy
Want to be left alone and loved at the same time.
How can you sleep at night
When you left , came back and left again then came back
"Your so bipoler"
My soul feel like a pit of blackness
broke many times now stronger
wanting to float away because been hurt many times
Anit it funny how you can sleep at night and the other person can't
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
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Shame Jun 2018
if a bitter wind blows

if a liar arrives

on my patio
hard heart
with the

pressed on the razor's edge
(grinning ear to ear as if I wanted it)

when what was once the worst
(grinning ear to ear as if I wanted it)

returns to a placid place

a new threat may
Mary Gay Kearns Apr 2018
In a field at the edge where
The Burnet's reproduced
Their dark wings with six red spots
Giving birth on our hands
From inside their chrysalis.

Mating from egg, larvae
To pupae and adult moth
Took about three weeks
We went almost everyday
The hot sun stroking our backs.

This was our moth Summer
Guiding our courtship with
Fluttering wings and newness
Stepping through the railings
To gain this precious time.
Burnet moths have dark matalic background colour and six red spots on their two
forewings . The caterpillar is green with black spots and is poisonous.They feed on clover, birds-foot trefoil and grassland flowers where it is sandy.
They are stunning moths but only live a few days after laying their eggs .Moths like knapweed and scabious.
Liz Carlson Mar 2018
ive traveled here and there.
ive seen incredible works of art
and pieces of history
scattered across the globe.

never will i know "home",
never will i fully belong,
never will i not miss someone.

a life full of adventures
and new faces,
i wouldn't trade it for anything.

the pain is always there,
but the memories will never fade.
joy will always abound
in the hope for the future
and the days of the past.

being a world traveler,
a vagabond,
has its troubles.
but the rewards make
it well worth it.
Therese Syang Apr 2017
Everytime I think about you, keeps me wonder...
Your eyes tell a story that makes me think deeper...

Wondering what those lips can tell that makes my ears want to hear without weary...

Never cared about your presence but every minute that chances give in seeing you each day, makes me seek your face in the place we first met.

Everytime I start to think about you, emotions of happiness fade between thoughts that reality may never drag us closer together...

For YOU and ME is the sweetest yet the saddest words that WE could never be.
Only for the brave hearts
Madeline Kennell Mar 2017
How can I explain to you
What is within me?
I am African
I am American
I am both
And I am neither
I am something
And I am nothing
And yet…I am everything.
But I cannot be like you
Trust me.
I’ve tried.
You say “Welcome back”
Like my roots are in this soil
But how can I explain to you?
My body originated here.
But not my soul.
My soul was born in the arms of Mama Africa
She is not the ancestor of my skin
But of my spirit
And my roots run deep in her red earth
Her drumbeat, my hear.
Yet here I am…
I look like you.
I sound like you.
But I am not like you.
And when I try to explain
What I’ve seen
And done
And known
And how I became
You feel as though I am big
And you are not.
But it isn’t true.
I am not bigger.
You are not smaller
We are just…different.
I contain a vastness
That is misunderstood
That vastness holds so much
Yet often feels so empty.
And I cannot be like you.
Trust me.
I’ve tried.
But when I do it feels like chains
Shackles of iron
I try to deepen my roots
For you.
But when I try
I can only seem to spread my wings
And I am sorry.
I am sorry that I cannot make my home in you.
I am sorry that I make you feel small.
I do not mean to.
I am sorry I cannot find the words to explain
What it is like
To feel as though your skin is too tight for your soul
To feel as though you are always
Nowhere and Everywhere
Nothing and Everything
No one and Everyone
Too much…and never enough
I am sorry.
But I am trying.
So when I try…
When I share with you these tangled feelings
When I ***** open the door
To the whirlwind within
Do not ask me to shut it.
Please, do not ask me to hide away
Because you cannot relate to the chaos behind my eyes.
Don’t see the mess.
See me.
And love me.
For the mystery that I am.
To you.
And to myself.
by emma jones
Trevon Haywood Mar 2016
eyes like God in the dirt.
and a question lingering in throat.
delicate tin hands grasp brushes firmly
while i lie on the floor by the bed.
and wish for a touch.
or a breath on the wind,
even that would sully the solitude.
worlds away,
static fills the atmosphere.

cards are counted.
bets are made.
each wager carries the weight of an oath.
and begs for indifference.
before a single megaton kiss
carries radiation through me.
settling in each bone
as my brain blood boils.
it burns my shadow into the sheets
hanging carefree from the mattress.

the wager is one.
and the tin hands are cold.
the space between worlds has diminished.
no indifference here,
despite efforts.
and cheeks become a pastel pink as i am mounted.

we wished it would stop this time,
before it started.
but wishes are for puppets.
and we are real.
especially together.

M.K. Spurlin. 3/22/2016.
Emma Peters Jul 2015
I'm falling in love
with someone who
only sees my flaws.
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