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It is the ability
To sustain in spite
Of all the hurdles

The gritted heart

Desire to quit
When the pain
Sinks in - it's easy

The sharpened mind

Be open to the edge
Curious to feel
The crossing

The expanded body
Day 321
colette alexia Jan 2020
In every movement that I make towards you
In whatever decision, relationship, or mood
I realize I’m as close as I’ll get
When I’m no longer satisfied by anything less
But you aren’t forward or behind
You’re sustaining the movement itself
I wear your signature on my every breath
Danielle Oct 2018
This wreak of a world can barely sustain me.
And I’m not one to live in fear.
I wanted to add more, but nothing else I added did anything for it, so it is as it is.
Karisa Brown Aug 2018
She ran on empty
far too long
She kneeled
At the alter of creativity
And began to write
Karisa Brown Aug 2018
I feel like I'm trapped
In time and space
But you are not
On my continuum

I search each hall
Only to find pictures
Hung of you
With no after

I'm miserable and
There's only one thing
I could think of

Play you just say
And I will

Dream you just say
And I will

Forever you just
Say forever

And I scream
STAY just
Arcassin B Jan 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Wrong place,  wrong time, two nickels make a dime, but I just don't wanna fail.

Too many heartbreaks plus hardships,  set sail for through fiery hell.

Life is hard,  we all know,  the same scenario,
It's not hard than you portray.

Good things,  good days,  come and go,
Melting away.

Do you see the shame?  That you threw on me , laughing and scheming afflicting the
Meaning of pain,
No respect given in this life will leave you in suspense , making it harder to sustain.
ShowYouLove Nov 2017
Daily bread you keep us fed
Manna from on high greater than I
I will surely perish for the food I so cherish
Grain so small yet so full of potential
The body of Christ is most essential
He gives up himself both body and soul
He is the only one who fills my heart’s hole
We consume him to be consumed
In this life we are being groomed
To be with Him in love without end
To praise and live forever all the people said amen
You are the food for the nations
Your words formed all creations
Your word sustains us it’s all we need
Your truth is like water to seed
Your love lifts us up back on our feet
Your love fills us and makes us complete
Your mercy is such that it brings me to my knees
Your glory is higher than the mountains, deeper than the seas
Your Spirit is flowing pouring down like rain
Your blood Lord washes away my guilty stain
Your wisdom surpasses the greatest of men
You are, you were, you always have been
Your light touches all darkness is as day
You walked before us to show us the way
Your plans are perfect your ways are good
But we stray, turn away, don’t do as we should
Still you love us take us back into the fold
You seek us out and shelter us from the cold
How amazing God that through it all
You still welcome us to the great feast hall
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