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Zack Ripley Sep 20
Red cheeks.
Flaming heart.
Soul stains and rusts
As it's consumed by lust.
But not for you.
Erin Nicole Nov 2016
I thought I was gone. Thought you took my heart with.
Turns out you weren't even the one who had it. He did. My best friend. The one I'd go to about you. The one that threatened you and never left my side.
I love him. Not you. Never did truly love you as I thought.
I thought i lot of things that turned out to be false but I am sure about him. He is  caring, loving, sweet, truthful. All thing you'll never be.
I would say I am over you but honestly one good look of you know and I realized there was nothing TO get over. haha. Now bye. Friends right ******?
Truth hurt don't it. Well for some people.

— The End —