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soyun Feb 2016
My heart broke a little today.
Because even though I've finally moved on,
All the reasons why I loved you
*Came rushing back like a flood.
soyun Dec 2015
What did I do
to deserve
all this  pain
and  **suffering?
soyun Dec 2015
The girl stared at them silently,
                her eyes and nose running.
"Why can't it be me?"
        she whispered bleeding.
soyun Nov 2015
We didn't have a fling or really anything,
but I thought you should know:
*I'm finally letting you go.
soyun Oct 2015
You shine like a star
I gaze upon

Stars are only
beautiful from
soyun Oct 2015
Let me tell you something my dear.
                                   *You're my one and only fear.
soyun Sep 2015
I once had a dream,
That I wished was true.

Not because it was perfect.
But to get over the you.
I've liked this one guy for a while now and can't seem to find anything I don't like about him. I know he likes someone else and so I should move on but I keep discovering new things about him. I had a dream that a third person told me that he had only come to my surprise party because he was paid to. If this was true, then maybe I'd actually get over him.
soyun Sep 2015
The only thing on my wish list is you.
                                        *Sadly, Santa isn't real.
soyun Sep 2015
When did you stop caring?
Silly me,
*You never cared.
soyun Sep 2015
You can enjoy someone's presence
like their style
want to laugh with them
be their number one fan
but never
*fall for them.
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