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Jun 2020
If a mask I Dawned
of secrets and lies,
and hatred that I've spawned.
Would you betray your inner self,
to stand by me?
Or would you dismay into hiding?
And abandon me ?

There once was a girl
who lived a life of secrets and lies that she told,
she portrayed herself as happiest of them all,
with laughs and smiles she would hide in crowd,
her nights she would spend,
currled in a dark room,
Silently Screaming,
and wishing she could cry.

Her days were a lie,
and her nights were lonely.
the only release from the pain,
was a blade to her wrist or a knock to the brain.

This cycle was stable and kept her in check
but it slowly  consumed her,
driving her to a point,
Where her wold would come of ruin,
If a change was not made.
A truth she acknolaged but could not accept,
cause the only strenght she could count on,
Did not exist.
- Sometimes those that struggle know they need help, but cant trust anyone to follow through with them. so they suffer under the guise of a facade.
Brave Wilson
Written by
Brave Wilson  21/M/Cloud69
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