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MsAmendable Aug 2015
Battered whispers of fake truths
Snarl through innocent ears
And bend unwilling hearts.
It's a song as sweet as poison
And bitter as glass eyes.
Noandy Apr 2015
The postman boy
Has gotten weary of the stories told
Wrongly by dear Oblivia on the yards
Every morning.
The postman boy comes for
The warm-hearted letters of distance sons
But on his hands are letters of slander and
coalition he did not fathom.
Megan Nov 2014
I am the wolf
hidden in their skin.
I will never be them.
I will never fit in.

And the sheep speak slander.
Their words are venom.
Driving me towards
my life as a phantom.

And it's sick
That we carry such thunder.
When in all that I wanted
I was never a wonder.

And to eyes that see me,
to the eyes that look over
I still go unnoticed
As easily as the four leaf clover.
Frank Ruland Nov 2014
"Slinging slander in sheer desperation"

You level our lives with lies
while looking us in our eyes,
in fear of finding your own demise.

"Daring to cast damnation with no deliberation"

So bold as to render us cold
with tales and fallacies you have told
in an attempt to sell sinful lies you want sold.

"We suffer immolation upon the stake"

We stand and burn in the flames
of a world where we're rendered depraved
by your whispers so grave.

"Berated by blasphemy from a soul so fake"**

We fall to our knees in the dirt
while the stones you cast hurt
us with the accusations you assert.

— The End —