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Sharmila Juliet Dec 2019
I wanted to spread my fragrance like
Flowers do. Nothing I did wrong. Just
Strive to make me stronger enough.

Don't know where and why it ***** you,
As the way I am living my dream. You
Started to knit the invisible web of
Despise and slander for me with words.

Without any real facts your defaming
Words made my dreams full of
Nightmares and screams. I started
Fearing to consume which I adore.

My fragrance become poisionus gas
For my ownself to swallow tarped in your
Pointless whispers. Still, Do I need to let
You decide my life? No, Not any longer.

I am going to spurn your bruits
with my
Smile. Make you long for the thing which
Now you despise by achieving my triumph
As I wage a war of one, My armaments
Can't fail me now.
About rumors effect
Makenzie Marie Mar 2019
Some nights
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
And in His mercy,
let me die as I sleep.

But instead
He fills me with His view of reality
And in His mercy
He brings me His peace.
Richard Frank Dec 2018
I was trembling and sweating
Heart beating like drums,
Pulsating through your ears and body
Tingling vibration in my skin
Chills walking on my spine
Darkness loomed my mind
The cowardice had taken over me
Provoking my deepest anxieties
The demands of courage are different from what I envisioned
Different from that bright morning, when I felt brave
Deepest Fears
James smith Nov 2017
With all of the power with the Consuming Fire,
With all of the power with the death Defeater
With all of the power with the Spirit of Wisdom,
It’s all on me to decide  
Am I bonded by the chains of sin?
Am I a slave with no chains for the death Defeater?
Will The grace of the Consuming Fire be my master?.
As slavement lives and takes, slavement will never die, till the day that sins dies. Till that day Bond servant, I will thrive to be, bond to thrive, to thrive is for the Consuming Fire, from darkness I once came, now from the fire I'm reborn to long live as a **** servant.
01—1 in the morning and can’t sleep
02— this poem is about are we slave to sin or are we slaves for Christ , as bond servants . I thrive to be the man that God wants me to be but sin gets the best of me some times .
Elyse Hyland Oct 2017
I used to **** my stomach in,
Till my lungs would ache and split,
Then I learned to pull my muscles up,
And I'd find a better fit.

I learnt from magazines,
and TV shows,
The things that told us,
To always shrink, to never grow.

I learnt from my mother and my sister,
Who would sit and pinch their thighs,
With a sigh and a shriek,
About needing to go down a size.

I became obsessed,
But not with food, wine, or shopping,
My obsession was with the fat under my skin,
Growing fast and never stopping.

I became obsessed with numbers,
Numbers even though I hated math,
People telling me to stop, to eat,
The voices in my head would clash.

I feared that I would grow,
But also I would shrink,
Fingers trailing gaunt on skin,
My madness slipping from the brink.

I feared that I wouldn't wake up,
The next morning, the next week,
But I couldn't stop myself from finding,
The skinny I'd always seek.

I'm not fat, I know I'm not,
And I know weight does not define me,
But I see the bone, I strive to see it more,
Without bone what would I be?
Eating disorders ****
aryanalynae Jun 2017


RL Glassman Mar 2017
And I say unto thee, wearily
I know not when it will end
The realm of darkness, a growing sphere
Where times lies down to spend
     Exalted standers, enter near
In the same mystical space as I
But Lo! The horizon does approacheth
Over-all they do or ever did try
     Loudly I say, how do I perceive it?
The True Greatness that occupies...
A blessed vision, they do not think of
Though it looms before their eyes
     I yell unto thee, fearful
Warning you and beings to surrender
I cannot look down and ignore the darkness
So be it, I shall, forever
Written March 10th 2017

in a dark place, this is what happened.
Charleigh Huston Feb 2017
Falling... and wondering.

Falling... and pondering.

Falling... and recollecting.

Falling... and memorizing.

Falling... and regretting.

Falling...... and fearing.


And then - awakening.
An excerpt from a story I wrote.
Viseract Sep 2016
"What do you fear?"
"The thought of never fearing"
"That doesn't make any sense though"
"Allow me to explain:"

Fear itself is an immense power
One that prevents us from rising, gives us bounds
Without it, Man would fall into chaos
And in the spree of delirious glee, he would get lost

If Man had no fear, he wouldn't care for rules
Only then would the smart ones be called fools
Be content with what you've got, don't try to take
What isn't yours, a potentially fatal mistake

Man is jealous of those who have
What he doesn't and this'll just make him mad
Without any fear, he'd challenge someone
And pretty soon the world would be bursting, full of guns

Rifles raised and triggers pulled
Blood spatters and bodies mauled
But without any restriction, Government or rules
Fear would disappear and guns would be our tools

So be thankful you have capacity to fear
Because without it you'd draw the world quite near
The end of its life, so forever and again
Be grateful the fear isn't in your hand but your brain
I actually talked to myself about this for close to an hour... I'm not crazy, just different, I guess.
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