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Tiger Striped Sep 2019
you put something ungodly
deep in my chest and
i loved it far more
than i ever loved you
nadine Jul 2018
a distinct feature
in my appearance
would be
the bags under my eyes;

i remember staying up
until my bones quiver
under the bewitching spells
of the moon’s forgotten raving sonatas,
enticing enough to cradle
an iota of dejected sentiments
from centuries and centuries ago.

i remember looking up
at the night sky
until my eyes flicker from dust to ashes,
burning the crevices of every wall i built,
graveyards broken down
to match the unmatched
bleakness of the ignominious sorrow
peeking out of the corner of your soles.

i remember laying down,
not once had silence became overbearing
that i could hear the faintest brush
of a weightless feather falling
from a tainted nest,
aching to meet its pernicious lover.

i remember closing my eyes,
shifting everything elsewhere;
still, i dread the feeling of compunction
emerging deep from
the landmines of mistakes
that i had claimed as my home
and my shelter.

but this, i could never forget:
i remember
being envious of you;
how you do not
lay awake at night,
wondering if things
could have been better.
i still love you (always)
Were I wander the sun don't shine
Over the rainbow.
My rainbow  forever crys tears of saddness.
It doesn't complement  a *** of gold.
Wherever I roam  there is no happiness
Because everything is completely dark
There is no day
just  emptiness.
Of  painful  cries
Cries that aren't heard
No sympathy
To hugs
No comfort.
Just  endless torcher
believe   me. you wouldn't want to live there.
Rockie May 2015
I've tasted life
I've tasted death
I've tasted hate beyond all control
I've tasted greatness
I've tasted love from friends
I've tasted honey beyond earthly sweetness
I've tasted pain
I've tasted ungodly jealousy
*I've tasted.
Felicia Apr 2014
If you were to ask me
How I would describe myself
With two words
That's what I'd say
Considering that I'm labeled a Saint, I sure don't act like it.

— The End —