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Dark Dream May 2021
I have a switch inside
Flips so quick
I feel **** and sensual
Beautiful and free
Then slam reversal
The creeps barge in
I’m disgusting and gross
Smelly and fat
The words said are true
“Who would want you?”

So I engage myself
Some kind of battle
A rampage of sorts
Argumentative debates
Parts taking sides
Remembering all the hurts
The feels and thrills
This is all I deserve
Those words that might be true
“What part is really you?”
Grey Apr 2020
I don't really like this one, but it was how I felt that day so I want to keep it up as a tribute to that I guess
Dani Sep 2018
The fruit of your trees, they are beautiful,
But they have been broken away.
Hatred and fear covered your eyes,
Forcing you to live without love.
Blinded by darkness,
No longer
Peace and forgiveness
Fear cannot bring
What love we desire,
But it was ripped away from our hearts.
Fear overwhelmed us,
I lay in wait for it to over take me.
Gone and stripped away by
Darkness and fear.
No more!
For the loved

For the loved,
No more
Darkness and fear!
Gone and stripped away by
I lay in wait for it to over take me.
Fear overwhelmed us,
But it was ripped away from our hearts.
What love we desire
Fear cannot bring.
Peace and forgiveness,
No longer
Blinded by darkness.
Forcing you to live without love.
Hatred and fear covered your eyes,
But they have been broken away.
The fruit of your trees, they are beautiful
Fight for love, do not let darkness over take you.
Take over darkness with LOVE!
David Lampert Jun 2018
If you flip each letter vertically, the poem stays the same. You can imagine the line halfway submerged in water, and the bottom half of the line is the reflection of the top half.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2018
I want to feel your familiar body close
I am yearning for your gentle touch
I am lying in my bed alone
And I have never needed you so much

I am ready to be yours again
If you give me another try
I would show you what you're missing out on
And I will make you regret saying goodbye

Don't you think I deserve one more chance?
I can be who you need me to be
Take me back into your arms
And I am sure that I can make you see

Tell me exactly where I went wrong
How did I turn our day to night?
I will do anything that I can
To flip it around and make things right
Written 12/27/12
trf May 2018
There's just no easy way to say
Packed a bag and I left the house today

I let you in and trusted you like therapy
Now my rear view reads you appear too close to me

I've just got no more time to spend
Check engine lights and I gotta pay the rent

Been putting this off like an overdue oil change
Speeding from a reflection in our window pane

I'm done with aching
And the Summer's bout to break
You'll be forgiven
But right now I must escape
This All.
Druzzayne Rika Mar 2018
The compassion I keep
is lost
when I find the need,
it is so low
during the day
that it crawls back in the night
all at once,
feeling ruthless in my mess state
of what I felt
the whole day.

My heart is so cold
in the warm sun.
I flip internally
as the moon comes by.
to every device,
my tiny heart increases in size.
Feelings swarm around,
I feel them all
and by the morning,
I am empty
Colm Aug 2017
I can almost contend
Almost swear
That I don't age at all
Not even for a second
During those moments when I'm in the air

Flying freely without face
Until gravity pulls me back again
And greets me with a firm embraces

How I adore such things
Like the feeling of what it's like to soar
Quietly through the clever air

With a cutting figure bend the back
And unwind with time
Just to pause for a moment precariously
And hover right there in the air

How flying always makes me feel
That I am lighter than the world

Pressing down no more on me
For I am falling between my cares
There Is Freedom In Falling
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