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Just Maria Apr 2
Spring is in the air
Flowers are in bloom
Birds are singing everywhere
And the sun hides the winter gloom

We tend to forget our troubles
As we enjoy the spring
Kids run thru the puddles
That April showers bring

Spring is only three months long
And that's a real ******
But it can't really be to wrong
If we're springing into summer
Just Maria Feb 10
Photographs tell our story
About good times and days of glory
Of relationships that didn't last
They're like a time machine to our past

They're the memories of places we've been
And gives us a chance to visit them again
They'll show our kids who haven't a clue
That we were young once too
Just Maria Dec 2018
Tu vida fue con baile y canto
Tu muerte no sera  con tristesa ni llanto
Ahora estas con Mima en el cielo
Y para mi eso es un gran consuelo

Ya no estaras en esta vida
Pero esto es solo  una corta despedida
Algun dia nos veremos otra vez
Reunidos todos los Alvarez
My dad passed away on 12/8/2018. I wrote this poem is Spanish because that was his and my native language. Love you and will miss you Pipo.
Just Maria Dec 2018
A beer drinker I am not
I prefer tea nice and hot
I'll drink a soda once in a while
Cherry pepsi that's my style

As far as coffee I will pass
Don't like the bitter taste that it has
But apple juice is quite alright
Or a hot chocolate for a cold night

I think that water is the very best
For quenching a thirst it beats the rest
I could choose cold or I could choose hot
But a beer drinker I am not
Just Maria Dec 2018
It's Christmas time in the golden state
For a sign of snow you'll wait and wait
And the only snowman that you'll ever make
Are the inflatable ones that are really fake

Christmas shopping is the best
Going from store to store with no time to rest
Make sure you get everyone on you're list
If someone's forgotten they will be ******

The mailing of Christmas cards, it never ends
Who would have thought you had so many friends
Putting up the decorations is suppose to be fun
But when it comes to doing the job you're the only one

Try to wrap up the presents nice and neat
But you know before the night is done you'll admit your defeat
So drink some eggnog and stay in good cheer
And remember Christmas only comes once a year
Just Maria Oct 2018
Halloween is once again here
The spookiest night of the year
Where witches and ghosts are all around
And monsters and goblins can be found

You see them walking on every street
Knocking on doors for their trick or treat
Don't look in their eyes, not even a glance
They'll steal all your candy if they get a chance

I lock my door and turn off the light
Waiting for the final stroke of midnight
When all the trick or treaters have all gone home
And they are no longer free to roam
Happy Halloween
Just Maria Sep 2018
This year I went to the Fair
I couldn't believe how many people were there
There were rides, games and so much food
Taking everything in brighten my mood

On what to do next I couldn't decide
So I thought I chose something to ride
I don't do heights all that well
So I just rode the carousel

I played a game trying to get a prize
I didn't win, wow, what a surprise
I ate some nachos with a lot of cheese
I sipped a cold slurpee and got brain freeze

I saw an owl, a zebra, a camel, and a raccoon
Also a little boy crying who'd lost his balloon
On the way out I stopped and bought a souvenir
I'll definitely be back again next year
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