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San-Pei Lee Jul 13
You're a fever dream
I'll never fully wake up from
Sending shivers down my spine
With just one look into your eyes

Heart rate escalating
Temperatures rising
My heart afire
In the darkest hours of the night
Ako May 2018
I keep slicing reality
With the Knife of Reason,
Yet brushing winds
Carry scents of hope.

Neuron connections of
Misconceptions -
Is that causation
Or empty words?

I keep dicing my days
Climbing the ego
Of a shoreless mind
You keep coming my way
Wearing nothing but bands
Around your thighs -
Limelight moments.
Ticking clocks.
Down my spine.
Written Nov. 10, 2016
Tommy Randell Jan 2018
Purport of words
To scrape the tongue
Of clumsy ideas

Function of speaking
To quench
The silence of dreams

Not for Poetry
Telling everyone
What is known to be true

For the Poet to reveal
What everyone feels
About what they know to be true

You know this you do
The poem from your lips
Bringing the cold creeps
Eleanor Aug 2017
The moon a fire ball
Burning in your hazel eyes
The sky coated with stars
And my skin
My poor cold skin
Coated with shivers
You send down my spine.

-- Eleanor
Candice Jul 2017
As my eyes saw you how you                
walked out the door
           My heart shivers and my eyes with tears are started to fall
             You did'nt say anything even when I wanted everytime you leave is a glance ;
             Glance, weherein as you walked out it tells me that you're willing to stay with me no matter what
Kaya Nov 2016
Your presence planted
shivers on my bare skin
each shiver, like a needle
piercing deep within

Mark Steigerwald Oct 2015
Rambling rivers
Bone shivers
Vegetation withers
The beast slithers

Ocean tides
Coward hides
Avalanche slides
Gunman decides

Feel bold
Know cold
Tightly hold
Lies sold

We all decide
Choices collide
Friends make war
Enemies make amends
Opportunity closes her door
nightmare never ends.

Life is a fickle one
For all of us,
under the sun.

This is for all of us
those who share this world,
under the sun.
Rafael Melendez Jul 2015
I held her in my arms tightly,
so tightly I was sure she could feel the shivers going down my own spine.
     No harm would ever come to her while she was in my grasp, but **** me if ever I held her too tightly, so tightly  I myself were to hurt her.
Elyse Lee Nov 2014
What is Love? Love is October, yes the season fall is what defines Love.. I miss you. I really miss the fall with you, and oh how I miss how your nose turns red when it gets chilly out and how your face turns so pale and you can see all the aspects of your eyes, how your lips get chapped at the end of the year, and how when you hold my hand in the cold, I miss how your hand fits right into mine and how your numb fingertips lingered around my hand so softly.. i miss you pulling me close to stay warm, oh how I miss sitting on the front porch in your rocking chairs, and taking you under that one big tree at your old house on Halloween Night and kissing you softly.. I miss the smell of your hair when you haven't washed it, the way you bite your fingernails. Everything good happens in the fall, i guess that why i latched onto you in September of 2008, because you're my one and only soul mate.
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