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Let these words reflect
The heart of souls
The heat of passion
Every breath stroke
Let them rise
And softly rain down
May they nourish
Their fallow grounds
Heed no warnings
Embrace the stars
Allow no judgement
Condemn no lair
Keep up if you can
We were meant to win
Traveler Tim
  17m B D Caissie
She held my hands and brought me
to the moon.
As wanderer in the silver sky,  
a silent observer of the lantern of darkness,
she brought with her,
her memory of heavy past.
But the moon just watched and remained silent.
She understood the moon’s message,
“There is light and darkness within us,
just love and cherish life.”
I enjoyed the night’s magic and significance.
As I watched her hues and
smelled her fragrance.
Her smile mirrors the brightness and mystery of the moon.  
Though her eyes reflect her darkness
and imperfections.
With the luminous moon,
she shimmered beyond the clouds.
On a night journey that I won’t forget,
a magical moment with my lunar angel.
~Saw the enchanting beauty of last night’s full moon.
  18m B D Caissie
Elle H
The future holds a blinding grief
A day that shatters all belief
Stripped of fire and lustful thought
Midnight dreams, burned to naught

A day when I no longer care
Have nothing left to give, or share
When your fire no longer burns
When my heart no longer yearns

Creeping like a deadly bane
A poison seeping through my brain
Bringing light to weary eyes
Stripping bear the thin disguise

When at last I choose to see
All the reasons assaulting me
A jolt to wake the sleeping lamb
A day to remember who I am

One day my heart will cease to crave
Will lay the passion to the grave
Time, a salve to help me heal
My soul will learn again to feel

So many years, I gave to waste
A decade that I can't replace
Loving you, my greatest sin
I should have known from where I've been

So close now, I see the signs
My heart has read between the lines
There's nothing left of you in me
No reason I cannot break free

The day of reckoning, is at my door
Dark clouds gather on the shore
A storm that rips you from my soul
And leaves behind a gaping hole

I'll hold my breath until tomorrow
The clouds will pass, as will the sorrow
And with the sun and cleansing tide
My rainbow waits, the other side
I walk upon the flames of my regrets
Rip up the roots of consciousness
from the darkened depths

Someday when and where the river
kisses the sea
When all the stars chose to fall
And there is no longer a gift from the sun
Then I will let leaf
  22m B D Caissie
Waxing and waning, ghosts dance
between the moons of my days,
becoming ever timeless as the seasons change
and change
around them.

Suddenly my hair
is white as snow, and I know
it is only I who's changed:
for the world spins just the same
while Time stands still, paralyzed
as galaxies drift circles in its embrace.

Turning and turning, your laughter
rings as clear as ever on down the years.

Summer never fades around you,
though autumn winds bare their teeth
in the shadows 'twixt now and yesterday.

Your tears fall in showers
through April and May,
though your eyes remain hiding
behind the clouds.

Sunlight flickers across the walls,
and I search for the child in my reflection:
faint, staring back
from the window glass
a phantom in the changing of seasons.

"Who is she?" this dark-eyed stranger?
Looking back will I find,
will I see, finally
what you saw in me
through her?

Can I behold what is
before it was,
finding you, finding me
in the cracks that carve us
unmistakably into the cliffsides of Perfection?
"Soul turned orange-colored,
Soul turned the color of love..."

—  Francisco Lorca, performed by Duende "Осеняя Песня"

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