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Aditya kumar Jul 28
Ajnabi se thi tu
Jab tujse mulakaat hui
Anjaan tha mai tujse
Teri harkaato se
Teri baato se
Tere harr us ahsaas se
Jisse na kabhi jaan saka
Na pehchan saka

Phr bhi ek aas thi
Ki tu mere pass thi
Tujea janane ki jo chah thi
Ussi se tu anjaan thi

Ajnabi ki tarah zindagi me aai
Magar ek khubsurat sa ahsaas karai
Anjaan hote hui bhi
Tu mere sath chali aur,
Mujea chalna sikhai

Zindagi ki raah me
Jo kaate tune bichae the
Unhi pe chal k hum
Tere pass aae the
Ahsaas na tha itne
Nazdeek aa janege
K waps jane ki raah
Aur chahh dono bhul jaenge

Pyar k ahsaas se
Ruhbaruh karana tha apko
Magar ye na socha tha k
Khud uss pyar me behak janege
Aditya kumar Jul 28
The roads have answers to everything
The stuffs which you explore
Or the one which you left behind
They know everything
You just need to remind

The speed have no limits
They are boundless
The faster you go
The sooner you reach
Follow the signs
Which have some meaning
You will remember
The way they teach

You will find many paths
Some will be rough
Some might be smooth
The fact is
They make you fool
By showing the easier way
Which makes u cool

If your way is clear
If they don't have any obstacles
If they are silkier
Then you are in the wrong way
But if it is full of fear
You are searching something new
Walking on the knife
Then you are in the right way
My dear

You need to fall
Before your rise
The harder you dive
The deeper you find

Searching for destination
Never ends
Nothing is permanent in this world
Smooth will be rough
Water will be ice
Wood will catch fire
Easy will be tough
You cant stop anything
Because you are nothing

You cant stop the sun to rise
You cant Change the flow of river
You cant hate a lover
But dear beloved
You can change the paths
Which you follow

The learning
Which belongs to them
Are now your own
The brakes which comes from them
Are now in your hands
Don't follow the roads
Discover them at your own
The roads have answers to everything....
Aditya kumar Jul 28
Aaj bhi sochta hu
Mili toh tu duaao me thi
Tabhi shayd itni shiddat se chaha tha
Dilkash nazaaro me
in aakho ko teri zarurt thi
Mila toh mehass tera saaya tha

Iqqraar kiya tha
Aur tune inkaar bhi
Yaad krta tha tujea
Tujea iski farriyaad bhi
Jo raah mukammal na ** saki
Ussi keenare chal rha tha
raahe toh jannat tk le jati thi
Jiska aaj namonishan nahi
bolte bolte aksar
Lafzo k bojh me phass jata tha
Aaj unhi lafzo pe tera naam nahi

Jasbaato ko toh maine
un keetabo me band rakha tha
Tu zadagi me aai
Aur un panno ko palat diya,
Ahsaas toh dard ka ** rha tha
Unn panno me bhi mithaas si ** gyi
Jisko tune apne haatho se chuaa tha

Yaad aaegi meri
Jb wo phool murjhaega
Kaliyo ko dekh
Tujea mera khatt yaad aaega
Panno pe
mere aasuo ko
Tu tarashte rehh jaegi
Aur hasste hasste,
tera haqq koi aur le jaega.....
Hindi poem
Aditya kumar Jul 28
I lost you
I lost your trust
Everything which was our
Which belonged to us
Yes! I lost you!!

The feeling of love
The passion of being loved
I lost it
Lost the ability of self affinity
Thoughts of future
Paths of life
And way to success
I lost it all

I knew
The fear of losing you
The unpleasant emotion
Which was never expected
But it has to come
And today is the day
The dooms day
Definitely its the part II

The envelope of love
Has its own limits
One day it will burst
It served as a cover to my suffering
It healed me
Yes love affect your inner strength
Sometimes it breaks you hard
And then
It itself helps you
To heal
To heal the wound
Which you never asked for
Ofcourse!! No-one did

Love is not painful
When I'm obsessed with you
It pains when I'm obsessed with me
In the corner of the emptiness
I'm mixing my past to my present
It prisoned me for years
Today my heart hurts
In remembrance of the love
Of you
Yes i lost

I, lost you!!
Aditya kumar Jul 28
I feel alone
In the sea of emotions
I feel alone
Being surrounded by categories
Various Variations and varieties
In the world of worries
I feel alone

Traveling like a corpse
Without any objective
Diving deep
In the ocean of thoughts
To get a one
Which be held by me
Imprisoned by them
Still alone
No one to hold my hands
And pull me out
Of the sea
Which drown me down

I found a star
Sparkling in the dark
In her eyes
I found a scar
Scar of fear
Encounter of darkness
Making her eyes heaven
On earth
Emptied by the soul
But overflowed by love
Darked upto core
But dazzling the life of others
In the joy of giving birth to a smile
On the face of me

But still
I feel alone

— The End —