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Arunima Nambiar Jul 2020
At night, stars are trying to being perfect by twinkling.
Moon just keeping his stunning look.
But she who always being herself born with dark circles and having thin spectacles is still writing poetry by using her untidy heart...
Flow with your creative spirit....
Mark Lecuona Nov 2017
If somebody asks why you said it that way
It's because that's who you are
That's the show they don't even have to pay to see
It's free and they should thank you instead
Because they heard the truth for once

If somebody thinks you're weird
You should thank them for saying that
It means they've never met anyone like you
You are a different world and they don't understand
Because they heard a language only you can speak

If somebody thinks you're too intense
It's because they're not ready for you
If it's meant to be they'll catch up someday
There is no point in waiting for them
If they want it bad enough they'll make it happen

If someone wonders how you do it
It's because you're not afraid to speak of it
The depths of your fears and rejection
You no longer worry who knows that you are human
Because crying out loud is from the truth you know
MA Oct 2017
This has been me
Didn't you notice?
I am not changed
I am simply the same

This has been me
I've always liked black
Wear loose tees
And act like a wack

This has been me
I'm still emo and weird
Nerdy at times
But loves to laugh hard

Yes, this has been me
That awkward person you knew
I haven't changed
Just so you know
Being yourself,is who you are,
You are the person you are now,
Not being yourself but always yourself,
I look inside me like if being told who you are.

The Me,Myself and I is you but yourself,
When you destroyed the soul of yourself,
It is no longer you anymore,
If you praise for help for yourself,
Then you will be yourself to whoever.

Who is yourself?
Yourself is my,myself and I,
Let yourself be there for you.
Louise Ruen May 2016
She was raised to win, to bear the crown
Raised to ignore the weight wearing her down,
because happy girls, yeah, they don't cry

She lived to please others
She lived to aim other's expectations, and knew she could never be, who she truly is
Taught that success is the key to everything, and that success is only measured in a fancy career, money or power.
But happy girls, yeah, they don't cry.

And they all say that she'll go far
"She has her life all figured out", they say with admiration
Because supergirls, yeah, they just smile

Little do they know,
that when she gets home
She'll write down her real dreams and thoughts,
just to throw in a draw
because supergirls, yeah, they just smile

So tell me,
don't you know, that it's our fatal flaw,
to honestly believe,
that people aren't real human beings?
With dreams and aspirations that aren't considered "smart"
With emtions and tears they can't express without being considered weak

I guess we'll never realize
Because happy girls don't cry,
and supergirls just smile
Know that you don't have to be strong all the time. Know that you can rebel. Know that it's okay to cry and be unhappy, no matter what society tells.
Little do they know that I'm she.
Mark Lecuona Apr 2016
It is within the province of the personality where freedom finds its voice; but never assume that the freedom exhibited by someone else precludes their capacity for kindness and a gentle spirit; for what is foreign to you does not marginalize their humanity.
Karina B Aug 2015
It seems all great poems are about love.
For me, that's not the case.
It seems, as I read, we revolve around love,
Around this passion, fury, lifelong ache.

It seems that everyone knows what love is,
If they don't, they know what love should be.
It seems everyone desires to experience love,
They think that love will set them free.

That's not the case for me.

These words of longing, of beauty and desire,
Words that paint stars onto the sky,
Are words I cherish, admire and adore,
But not ones I try to exemplify.

I have never been in love.
Maybe one day, I will be.
Maybe one day, I will understand those words.
Perhaps, one day, I will read them and agree.

Today, I'll just try to be me.
Mark Lecuona Apr 2015
Her touch doesn't mean she loves me
My touch doesn’t mean I don’t
I don’t know if I’ll ever say I’ll stay to the end
Because I don’t know now what I knew then

I’m ready to walk on down the hill
I’m tired of climbing mountains
I don’t want to try that hard anymore
I can get the feeling walking in penny fountains

I don’t know if you think about waking up like I do
I want you to turn to me with the same thoughts in mind
Sometimes I think you do but it’s complicated being true
I don’t think enough about why I’m losing you

I’m ready to drive my car just up the road
I’m tired of flying around when life is all around me
I know how poor they are all the way over there
But there are people suffering the same right here

I don’t want someone to find my empty broken plane
The island grows all around except what you hang on to
Somebody wonders what you were thinking back then
You want to tell them you really tried to stay to the end

I’m ready to talk if you are
I decided you’d either like me or you won’t
I know how to be nice but I can’t worry about who I am
You’re so beautiful but time will tell if I’m your kind of man
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— The End —