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Zero Nine Mar 2017
One. Two.

Is this thing turned on?

One. Two.

I can't see even a few feet in front of me.



There's nothing said back from the void.
Disapproval. Deification.

What difference does it make,
Whether withheld or spoken?

Shadows show well on the walls
Before Netflix in my home at night,

The futon

Eyes overflowing with lust
They're waiting for ****** on tongue.
Xyleena Therin Mar 2017
Looks like a diamond
yet fragile as glass,
A noisy and chaotic world
of words never spoken

A small voice about to crack
Never noticed by anyone
Only to be heard by
the reflection on the mirror.

Everything gets piled up,
everywhere is a mess.
Just waiting to trigger
the bomb inside

Finally the hidden dome
cracked and broke;
it let itself out
revealing all the secrets.

During this time of vulnerability
resonance comes in-
It builds a new world
this time with open doors.
one of the main reasons I wrote this poem is because I found the word "resonance" cool
Nikunj Oct 2016
When the soul seeks
the song frozen in time,
Divinity obliges by
sending a few echoes down my path.

They reverberate across
the blue champagne
waves of inertia
to awaken reminiscences
of our harmonic rhythm.

Moments flow syllable like
to find a meaning
between the lines etched
on destiny's canvas as
a presence converges into resonance.

Every word is amplified together into
honest understanding breaking apart
the rational mind icebergs
that predominate love.
SassyJ Apr 2016
Feel the chains change in me tonight
Condense me to evaporate in want
The long of a bounce to another world
Light the fire to burn deep and fervour

A belly roasts in repetitive embers flushes
Hearts tied connate as the essence flashes
A tangle ribboned to last after the dawn
Testify as our sparks infinitely ignite dances

Titaniums of our tectonic plates merge motions
A convergence entwined in bordered emotions
Link me in the convections of transformations
Conversations of a lasting warm benevolence

Paradisiacal chum of a past in resonance
A photographic collection of a lived long life
Unwrap the snare, unwind the erased tapes
Lay back as we hide away behind the moonlight
Rafael Melendez Feb 2016
A sleepy lullaby to warm the soul. The sound of rain, and thunder in the distance, with echoes of the nearby church bell. The resonance of your world in a music box. "Keep it handy", he tells me, "When you need the world's help, wind up that little wonder like a heartbeat, and you'll feel like you're in a dream."
A portion of a short I'm thinking of continuing. I'm terribly undecisive though.
K Balachandran Jan 2016
I enjoy, the subtle shades, connotation of each word,
probe, how dexterously they are put together in an order
like jewels in an ornament for generations to wear.
The way the construct speaks to the brooding solitude
that moves in and out of my soul,as the reading proceeds.

I smell a fragrance, like the scent of fresh ripe fruit,
eager to taste it, sink my teeth deep, draw juice,
now find a memory awaiting to resonate with the
cadence of my heart.
                                                 I am such an animal
that can smell poetry's worth from a distance,
a goldsmith who could  predict it's weight in gold
my avarice for a poetic diet, never dies, only swells.

Every poem of my kind, to me does something
my lover does, decidedly every imagery, carry forward
a memory, like wind a cloud, reaches a space beyond
touches eternity with it's magic wand,  a flash results
Even if the poet leaves me mid way, I'd still see the light.

I've an enticing excuse to imagine what I want to see
a poem doesn't produce anything,but what it does to mind,
is pure magic,I am in that flow,far from the illusory reality.
K Balachandran Dec 2015
Our frequent  encounters
day after day after day
I and you would pretend
happen by mere chance.

But love lives in the sixth sense, we realize
it keeps our antennae up, even when apart
we act as if we are oblivious of that one fact.
it's this guile, that makes our love so special

A mysterious connect with
the movements of each other
like never missing the poetry of
lascivious flourish of your body
intended for me as an aphrodisiac,
yet again letting  my tender heart
to get hit by your eager beetle eyes
that'd follow me everywhere I turn
decided not to miss anyone of my desires.
I too am agile, an avid capturer
of motions of your body, mind and
effusive spirit that attach with mine
in every which way it could; I keep it alive.
It'a amazing how being hopelessly in love with each other synchronizes two human beings, to the levels even humanly impossible!
K Balachandran Dec 2015
From one corner of my eye,
iridescent sparks of love
involuntarily fly,
ignite the dormant suns,
yearning for a dawn,
within your lovely eyes;
overwhelmed by joy, they
light up my inner skies.

Either by the curl of your lips,
that suggests a perfect fit
with mine, keep  waiting,
or with the sensual swing
of your curved alabaster hips,
that display gay abandon,
you set flames to fireworks,
that in my veins create tides
and set fire to my *****,
that won't easily be quelled for a
while: till that time we both decide.
Malabar-The original spice country; on the south west sea board of India,
Chirayu Writer Oct 2015
Lovely as you,  Beautiful as you, You are Everything of my life..

Close my both eyes
With Yours loving hands!
Is it all that I am suffering,
Under your hand to rest.
                                        And how quiet the pain                                      
Well 'lay no sleep wave
As the last stroke stirs,
Fullest you my whole heart.
You are like a Flower

So sweet and beautiful and pure

I look at you, and sadness

Creeps into my heart.

                                   I feel as if I hands                                        

His head shall put you

Praying that God keep them

So pure and beautiful and charming.
reality of my life & connection of love with you....@hello poetry..
#love #life #Poetry
K Balachandran Apr 2015
By instinct, I deeply sense
the ocean moves of love,
in her heart and respond,
as if, by nature's prompt.
In each wave we combine,
as the force and water mass .
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