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Philomena Apr 2019
Is is a broken glass girl
The crack started small
Broken under the pressure of her life and her pain
And with every breakdown the spread
From her heart to her limbs
Tiny fractures foreshadowing her end
And she crumbles more and more each day
Dying slowly but not entirely
Someone save the broken glass girl
Camryn Nov 2018
Life changes,
Filling with
That tear down
Once perfect
Childhood memories
V May 2018
; –
    Keep me up at night with your
  praises and your melodies of sweet
  tidings, but let me sleep
   to the sound of your screams and
    angry sentiments.

Give me that of my own choice.
  give me the availability to choose that of
   which slumber I'd prefer from you.
Amanda May 2018
How can you live with a heart frail and weak?
Adore a small quiet voice that shakes?
I do not know why but you love me,
Even with fractures and mistakes.
Love is blind in all the best ways
V Apr 2018
The boughs of a placid embassy
fall flat when the citizens
become the crumbling pillars
that hold up the already fractured foundation.
Daniel Mashburn Jun 2017
All these lines in the pavement
Start to feel like home;
Like cracks in the foundation,
I've got fractures in my bones.
Brielle Byrne Jul 2014
Tears swelling behind the dam of my heart
still strong to Mother Nature’s abuse,
but fractured by years and
cracked by hands.

One day,
when my dam-of-a-heart is attacked,
beat down and broken,
when it floods this town with woe,
I swear, I swear,
I would find your prints branded on the
handle of a hammer.

— The End —