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Scratching records,music older than the souls of the most
Bobbling heads, tracks after tracks
A lovely night, at a old time brewery
Couples of drinks till the dance floors opens
opens and dances for the dj on set
Claiming that we have auxs we only have  six tracks at best, but they can swap music faster than your favorite vibe you came with.
Put on some Latin music, before gentrification calls it define it for who didn’t grew up with it.
It’s all in vain well said, but the dj keeps spinning my favorite ****.
This will always be something I’ll remember when live music is played
Stuck forever in her mind
Oh sweetheart why am I
In what I don't seem to understand her,
Stuck for now until ever
I'm puzzled by this matter.

I ask her help she laughs
But the problems never go away her love or mine
You can't pass true love by
Happiness or sadness,

Real or fake?
My brain has frozen
My mind is a mess
In search of love oh wait
Or Death.

Puzzled by life
Puzzled by love
Truly puzzled by her
Love she loves me
She loves me not...
How do escape
This nightmare
It can't go on
I need to get out
Of this place
There are no
Doors around

Only the sound
Of madness
Running wild

Where am I?

No hints from her
Nor is there a walk way
But I never knew
What love could do
To me it's my love or her love

But trying to understand
True Love is truly

A puzzle to me.......
Her Or Me
William Lewis Feb 12
I remember the first time
Our skin touched

It was a 6th-grade English class
I leaned back on you
My arm brushed against your leg
And my body felt on fire
I crave the warmth from which you gave me
At first, I didn't realise it was love
I needed more
You are my addiction
As the years flew past
I took every opportunity I could
To see your skin
I've seen your ups and your downs
and I've never seen an **** side
I've seen you beat yourself for being not perfect
But if you could see yourself the way I do
You would never worry again
I have felt the fire of your skin since then
So many times and I loved every moment
When I fell asleep on your shoulder
When I grabbed your arm
When I put my hand on yours

I remember the last time we touched
You ruffled my hair
and I longed for more
I was listening to a song when you ask for a quit.

Now, everytime the same song played in the radio I immediately remember the pain.
JRF Feb 11
I'll remember the time,
When your words and smile,
Made me new.

It makes my chest sink,
In agony of what could have been.
A love I wanted to give,
That fell, pointlessly.

I still fell for her,
Even when she told me not to.

I'll remember the time,
When the words that escaped my lips,
felt like the perfect me.
Now only letters remind me of her voice,
Poetry for me.

When every word I used was for her,
And they ran out.
A drift of space,
A burning drought.

I'll remember the time,
When I told myself to stop writing about you.
If you feel something for someone, tell them.
Star BG Feb 11
Do you remember when time stood still,
and inner child was front and center?
Where hours didn't exist in playgrounds sand
and voice sang in freedom daily even off key.

Do you recall when dreams carried breath,
and self danced alone with morning birds?
Where smiles came easy
and worry alluded present moments.

Do you remember when mother came
reaching to hug and sooth all wounds?
Where life seemed simple
inside fun and games.

I recall it all and pass the ball to you
to celebrate life and
it’s gift inside all phases of expansion.
Inspired by Pagan Paul a grand writer. Thank you
I have so
dumb memories
that hang with my heart.
I think that I
should get rid of them
but I don't know
where to start.
Like that time when you said something
real dumb
and made me laugh,
or that time
when I was so angry,
I broke
your pencil in half.
Oh, that time
when we were passing notes in class
and the teacher
found out and got us in trouble
real fast.
Or that time when
we said all those horrible lies
just to get us
some free alone time.
Thinking of this,
I've made up my mind.
I'll keep these memories and never
leave them behind.
I have a whole collection of these dumb memories, but I will never let them go.
Lee Aaun Feb 4
The moment that you left.
My heart was torn apart.
It bleed with pain.
My heart was filled with
Dying to shape the presence
of you along with me
once again.
But you were no where to found.
Your soul already cut off
all the ties with my soul.
And the bond of our love
was already terminated.
My heart was always busy,
taking a walk down
the memory lake
of you and me.
They said, " Your memories are with me,
So I can survive."
But how should I tell them,
There's a huge difference lies in
Remembering you and
Missing you.
Your memories are a heartache
that I hold in my heart.
I try to hold on to them tightly.
But they keeping fading
from my heart.
The presence of you
is fading, leaving me alone.
So I decided that
In my memories,
I will keep you alive.
don't forget that.
are yourself,
and no one else
can beat
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