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i used to hide from your pain
change myself for you
and i called it love
blindly following you
until you broke me

so i sat in my room eating icecream
when was the last time i was without you?
my heart is bruised, but its healing
cause i found people
that loved me through my problems
and they mended my tender heart

so that one day,
i can truly find love
and be reborn
Sara Dec 2020
There is a void in my heart that no one could fill.
There is a hole in my soul that makes me dark & empty.
There are days where I cry & sob without reasons or being provoked.

My own mind is now my prison.
And I am torturing myself,
completely stuck, absolutely powerless and deeply in trouble.
I pray that someone would save me from this never ending nightmare.

Take me away from all this pain.
I'm ready to start again.
Can you put me away from this misery?
I'm ready to be found again,
I'm ready to be found again.

k Nov 2019
how strange it is
that what we loved once
seems so far away
and little now

pain that overtook my mind
is gone
was there really no need to worry at all?
Nigdaw Jul 2019
This year clothes me like an old coat
Worn at the elbows, with saggy shoulders
A smell that suggests more wears than washes,
***** tissues and receipts filling pockets
A tear in the lining from a drunken fall,
A tear of pain from an emotional fool
Wiped on a sleeve to preserve my masculinity.

I need to shed this year like a skin
As a spider, a lobster, a snake in the sun
To outgrow and move on from restrictive tissue,
Embrace the world as new again,
Fool myself on New Year’s Eve
I emerge like the butterfly from its cocoon
Reveal my flamboyant new wings,
To kid myself I am reborn.
Ψ―ema flutter Jun 2019
you look like
the one who
left me behind,
but you smile
just a little wider
and my heart
already feels
a lot warmer.
Glenn Currier Apr 2019
Tomorrow makes its way into the history
of my heart – always a mystery to me
it is full of people, music, feeling, and strain
a morsel of ache and moments of drain
it has taken me
walked and run
from rising to setting sun
from shame to grace
from a lower to a higher place.

This old heart has filled me with tears
of sadness, joy, faith and fears
awe and anger, glorious heights
lowly dark and bruising disgust
love full of passion, pain, and trust.

Touched by victories over incredible odds
moved from darkness to cirrus gods
from squalls and brawls and angry shouting
snatched me from moments of demons and doubting.

Heart to beating heart in warm embraces
football in sandlots and youthful races
fearful greetings and tearful goodbyes
falling in love with her big brown eyes
heart to heart in evenings of sharing
from being apart to coupling and caring.

And so tomorrow I and my heart
go again for another new start
in the hands of healers
and angels from afar
whatever comes from this
if all is well or it goes amiss
I fear not whatever the course
for I have been - and will be - in the hands of the Source.
Thursday, 4-11-19, again I will go to the hospital where doctors will try to kick-start my heart back into rhythm.  In some ways it is routine for I have been there three times before, but it IS my heart so there's always a little concern about the outcome.  I usually get a bit emotional at these times so this poem is an attempt to take a piece of my heart and share it with you, my fellow poets who also follow their hearts.
Stephan Mar 2019
Dear demoiselle en dΓ©tresse,
I’m sorry I’m not the prince charming you expected
Who would run after you as the clock hit midnight
Or fight my way through all perils to free you from your slumber with a kiss
I’m sorry I’m the one who would rather spend his evening in his room
Surrounded by books rather than waste the night away at a party
The one who’s idea of a perfect date is eating our way through a pizza
While talking about everything and nothing
Instead of a candlelight dinner making promises we both know we can’t keep
The one who ***** with the jocks
Reads with the nerds
Hangs with the stoners
Says hi to the outcasts
The one who belongs everywhere and nowhere at the same time
The loner
The one who would love you for the color of yours eyes over what catches the eye
The one who would love the words coming out of your lips over the sway of your hips
The one who would ask you about your favorite book instead of the number followers you have
I’m sorry I am the guy who would trick the dragon instead of fighting it
I’m sorry I ain’t the knight in shining armor
I’m just the guy telling him where to strike with his sword
And even if you look past that
I’m sorry I want a companion who would ride by my side
Not a trophy wife to hang and brag about
I’m sorry I always ***** my finger on the thorns of the roses
Which is why next time I’ll pray for a sunflower
B Jan 2018
I'm ready to begin again
Where my life doesn't revolve
around having a million fake friends
A popularity contest for 13 years of my life
I'm ready to not be afraid
To stand on an edge and say
I'm me, all me, and only me
To be someone
I choose to be
Not some predetermined destiny
To love myself and all around
To sit on my throne as Queen
and be crowned
Amanda S Dec 2017
there are two more days until 2018. believe in yourself. this year may have been ******* you, but just know that you are worth so much more than what has happened to you. i love you all. happy new years. you guys got this!
you are awesome. you cano this!
Cal Ashiq Oct 2017
She thinks of herself like a butterfly at night
Lost in the darkness and overwhelmed by fright
She has no one beside her and left by her beloved
Till her vision of hope for tomorrow has faded

She smiles gorgeously yet her heart is broken
She's like a rose left alone in the barren
She has bade farewell to all that would come
And already chose a life that is quite lonesome

Yet as the days past she saw a flicker of light
For he arrive at her life and became her knight
He showed her the beauty that awaits tomorrow
He became her hope and proved that life is not mere sorrow

He told her the past does not define your destiny
For it is still in your hands and what you choose to be
So my dearest remember deeply this advice
The pain of the past will make you stronger and wise
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