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Ndagire Shamim Feb 2021
"you can take a man out of the village but can't take the village out of the man" unknown

you wake up everyday,
feeling owned, controlled, limited and unfulfilled.
with a big desire in your heart,
an aching in your mind,
to find your spot.

the mystery of who you are,
who you want to be,
and who you can be.
you choose your aspirations,
because your strong mind won't relent,
won't let fear pick a life for you,
exploring it you ask,
is it the past that you are afraid of?
or the unknown future that you face?
what keeps you still in bed?

you know you have always wanted to break free,
free from feeling empty,
confused, unknown, potentious but untapped,
waiting for love and acceptance.....
the standards set 1000 years and more before you,
yet your family and society expects you to live by them,
keeping you in a viscous circle of fear,
day in and day out.

so what is it that you are truly afraid of?
the you that is undiscovered,
your strength without fear,
your courage to be,
your reign without looking away from who you are.

it is time
Mark Oct 2019
Was Jesus an impersonator
Or the original son of the creator
Did he steal ones name
Then get all the credit and fame
Lying about
Hanging about
Lazily wandering about
The non factual stuff he was saying
No wonder we still have heaps of doubt
Maybe, he could tell a great bedtime story
If so, did he copyright it all
And will he sue for defamation
Or was he just like the rest
Just after all the worlds glory
While I inside hiding
The real source of his information
All things come and go
Like World Leaders, Empires
Big Bang Theories & Co
He went on trial, then got lucky
Had groupies follow him  
Hundreds of miles, along the Nile
Do you think
He will bother to give us a call
Before he comes back down
To judge us all
Gee time flies
When you believe in yourself
Hope I'm still here, if he returns
To at least defend myself
Jesus Christ, Oh my God
God just spoke to me
Looks like, I'm the chosen one
He said, get ready
Then, wait for his text
For I'm up next
For has anyone ever bothered
To do a family tree search
If you did, you would know that dad
Had more than just the one son
We have the same DNA as mum
But dad emptied his spirit
Into, not just the one ****** bowl
So next time you hear
The almighty word from ones mouth
Listen carefully from deep inside
Ones very own memory soul
Remember your parents advice
When you were a young youth
Because all creatures born on earth
Instantly know the meaning of ones life details
So don't ever think
You are the chosen black sheep
In your family’s fairytales
Live your life, fly like a bird
Just be Happy and Free
And be one with your creator.
Mark Sep 2019
I have flashbacks of you, from when I was so young
I thought you left me, to explore this vast galaxy for mankind
You taught us to survive on this big, banged up, revolving planet
Leaving your footprint for one to use and making us very confused

"Is that you, our founding fathers, in the bright night sky?"
Are you coming home, just to check on us or for a final goodbye?
Show us your calling card, but don't let us all lose our mind
Tell us where you went and why you left us all behind

You made structures out of large stones and pointed bricks
Different coloured men from all over, have drawn images on walls
Men study lost language that they can't truly understand, at all
Heavy hauling, perfect angles, were they done using a bag of tricks?

"Is that you, our founding fathers, in the bright night sky?"
Are you coming home, just to check on us or for a final goodbye?
Show us your calling card, but don't let us all lose our mind
Tell us where you went and why you just left us behind

Moe's lambs and Chris's hens always fighting over their goods
while those wandering dews, slip through to form geometric cracks
The world's weak, struggle for food, carry beds on scorched backs
Phoney Earls and Dukes, live behind security gated neighbourhoods

"Is that you, our founding fathers, in the bright night sky?"
Are you coming home, just to check on us or for a final goodbye?
Show us your calling card, but don't let us lose our mind
Tell us where you went and why you just left us behind.
Àŧùl Jun 2019
9 25.15.21

My love, this love for you in my heart,
It is the real truth of my life.
Whatever may come in this way or ours,
You must become my wife.
Our religions may just be poles apart,
But our hearts play the romantic fife.

Always remember it, 9 25.15.21.
My HP Poem #1744
©Atul Kaushal
Àŧùl Jan 2019
Remember it always, The Bhagwad Gita already prescribed these four broad methods of worship:
1. Idolworshipping: Simple and sweet. Easy to decorate, imagine and connect with the PäräBrähmä. It promotes arts and literature.
2. Non-idolworshipping: These forms of worship don't require any stone or materialistic idols to connect with PäräBrähmä. It's also very easy to misinterpret.
3. Agnosticism: Here people are not concerned about PäräBrähmä as such but their refuting the existence of Brähmā is making them Hïnđūs.
4. Atheism: These people are fed up with the popular concept of PäräBrähmä because there's no point that they can see is favourable for them.
In Bhāgwäđ Gītā, Präbhü Śrī Kṛṣṇä lays down a very simple explanation of how all of the above ultimately lead to The PäräBrähmä.
A philosophical outlook
Falguni Sudan Jul 2018
My love,
My love from another star:
An Ode To My Breath,
My whispering chest,
holy sabbath,
my Gospel's lap
my Nichiren,
my Shivaay,
my Allah's disciple,
my blissful night:
the heaven which brassy day denies
that over millenia
major religions have advocated peace
their adherents have been slaughtering each other    
     supposedly in the name of their assorted gods
more than any other known species

why is it
that in my maturity
(which people usually call old age ...)
I‘m getting so *******
with politicians who seem not to see
the obvious solution to a problem
but find elaborate fake excuses
just so they can get re-elected

why is it
that for Europe it‘s so difficult
to find a way for refugees to be accepted
with respect and  dignity

why is it
that the USA apparently forgets it‘s been the country
living off its (il)legal immigrants for centuries
and now simply ignores the words
they put onto their Statue of Liberty

why is it?!??
Tony Luxton May 2018
They're patrolling the walls again,
but not in the rain, a ragbag
army of volunteers. Traffic rattles
through, but not the charioteers.

They're searching lurching through the past,
not seeking to know what dreadful deeds
religion's deadly kisses, or excessive powers
have granted, but how life was, in short visits.

There are others, who could know how
man treatred man to misery,
through ****, rope, fire and blade,
even the big dipper thrills brigade.
historical York
LeV3e May 2018
What is it that separates you from me?
A short distance between
The atoms that build our bodies?
Or is it a mentality, made up by
Different struggles we suffer while
People fight for every waking moment
Just to breathe...
Can anybody tell me the difference
Between "knowing better" and
Does anyone really know who
Scribbled on the stone tablets
Deciphering the code that some
"Other being" told us was ethical?
Where did Enoch really go?
When he opened the gates to heaven,
And spoke to Gabriel about Thee?
Was it he who read the book of
Life, and came to understand
Only to leave the world
By God's demand?
Will I ever be more than this
Ant receiving signals by antennas
Sending advertisements telling me
What to buy next so I can be like
All the rest who are happy while
Society straps me in a straight jacket
Driving me mad with stress and
Ceaseless demands...
Maybe making more money will
At least buy me some ******* time
To relax.
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