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Adi N Nov 2020
Autumn is ending,
And the stragglers who held on,
Are now raining down on the ground,
In earnest, to dissolve, before the winter chill.

Where it not for the rain and wind,
They might have held on for a little longer.

For it's not about being the first to drop,
But growing to your full potential
and letting nature call the shots.
Adi N Nov 2020
Festival of lights,
New beginnings,
Divine blessings,
Joy without strings.

Let’s drench in the boundless light,
From the sun, the moon and the stars,
Let's light up from within,
Make everyday a festival of lights.
Adi N Nov 2020
Sleep breaks, body awakes,
Still dark but it's too late.

Thoughts rush in, old and new,
I lose control, toss and turn.

I try hard, but the sleep is gone,
The mind has won.

But there is time, to still the mind,
I will try harder next time.
Adi N Nov 2020
You are an act of the Creator,
But your ego makes you feel superior
-a tragedy of the human mind.

You can't outrun a Cheetah nor
can you outlive a Banyan tree.
Observe other life far superior than you,
and perceive the higher force all around.

Become humble while there is still time.
Adi N Oct 2020
Autumn is in full swing
and the streets are lined with carpets.

Carpets in yellow, red, and brown
made of fallen leaves and twigs.

Walk on them, cherish them
before they dissolve into the earth.

One day, you will also dissolve,
so live consciously while you have time.
Adi N Oct 2020
You caught our eye,
sticking out
in a bed of old red and pink flowers.

What's your story?
Perhaps you were just a red or a pink flower
who chose to be yourself.

Or perhaps you were put there
by forces beyond,
to blossom into a messenger.

Thanks for making us think,
and offering a choice to change
while we still have time.
Adi N Oct 2020
What you exhale, we inhale,
a transaction that costs nothing
but one that keeps us living.

We have been busy exploiting,
So keep forgetting
that life cannot exist without you.

This forgetfulness could end us,
but you will rise from the ashes again
to nurture life in the future.
Its time now or else it will be too late for humans. Each and everyone must show their gratitude to the natural world and live in harmony with it.
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