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  Nov 1 Sehar Bajwa
i just want to be
your sunshine again
i'll try and keep trying, i refuse to stop trying, i love you
Sehar Bajwa Oct 11
sometimes self-care looks like
blocking their contact
not because you've moved on
but because you haven't.
  Oct 11 Sehar Bajwa

"What,  you just love me
and then move on..
is that what you do?"

They weren't steps away from her
they were paces

and in an instant, the arrow flew

There is a seam,  
if you are able to see
as there are terracotta dreams
from which

we were  all  meant to be freed

Broken shards  fell to the ground
and inside of every single piece

     is all of the 'hers'
     she thinks that  she needs to be

Not sure if it is the aim
or  the flight  of the arrow
that brings about the aloneness
of an unspeakable,  heart sorrow
and these.. the sufferings of hell.

     Chloe is not dead--
     because  left standing
     when all else fell
     is her spirit's core,  now glowing
     no longer hidden  
     within the confines
     of her terracotta shell

Ah, beautiful Chloe
baby, there were times..

                remember knowing?
      The water-well;
      its  never-ending flowing

      Believe again in that, my beautiful

         not  the shell.

Anything is better than this hatred.
I'm looking forward   to
an eternity spent in hell.

it's a broken kinda feeling..

There’s a time to turn the page and start a new chapter and there’s a time to close the book and start a new story..
Sehar Bajwa Oct 8
love is painful. love is endless waiting for someone to turn back when you too, are walking away. or trying, at least. but what is relief without knowing how pain chokes your breath?

love doesn't know what he wants.
love is confusion and a pendulum of emotions. Love doesn't want to hurt people, but when it comes to me, love forgets that my heart bleeds too.

is love unrequited? maybe. maybe I don't want to accept it. maybe love loves someone else's smile now. maybe love's heart doesn't drop when he sees me in class, maybe love ignores what his heart is whispering.

maybe love will see this and relive his scrapbook of us. maybe love will confront the right people. or maybe he will scroll past this.

unrequited love is painful, but being drawn in and left is **** near-apocalyptic. if nothing else, we made good breakup poetry.

maybe love lacks courage. maybe that's an easier excuse for me to accept. it is far easier to imagine a heart that cowers from the truth rather than one whose truth I don't recognise. is it time to walk away without looking back? I just want to lie to myself tonight. but then again, can you blame me?
Sehar Bajwa Oct 8
you ask if i still love you
and i tell you
i never
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