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Broke my wings
So I couldn’t


So I stole his soul
So he couldn’t

eli Sep 23
as you run through the wild,
i got stuck in a quicksand;
a sinkhole of our memories.
i tried to reach out to you,
but you never looked back.
you kept moving forward.
do you still feel what i feel?
eli Sep 14
the last time you called
i felt no warmth at all
did you bury our days of old?
or are you just putting up a wall?

is this a game you play?
what's the matter?
you know i'd choose to stay.
despite knowing you'd do better;

with or without me.
even without me.
blink of an eye
eli Sep 12
i can't help to wonder
how would things turn out
if we dove a little deeper,
swam a little faster,
or held our breaths a little l o n g e r.
maybe the timing wasn't just right
eli Sep 7
i may be gone for a while,
then be back for a moment,
and even though i have some regrets,
i promise that i will never forget,
how your laughter echoes,
how your voice sounds,
and how your smile shines,
whenever, wherever,
and a million times.
eli Mar 19
you are my ocean,
but i can't just dive into you,

because you are my ocean.
and too much of you,
will make me
i am stupid, he is my ocean, i'm hurting, but i still dive, deeper and deeper.
eli Mar 17
it takes numerous efforts
to fall in love

but it takes one dreadful lie
to mess the whole thing up
you won't dreadfully lie to someone you truly love.
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