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Påłpëbŕå Nov 11
when i imagined experienced guys
it always meant in the physical way
sharing body was ohkay, i don't know why
but emotional connection, i can't say
i could take it if he'd put the same hands, the same lips
on someone else's neck, chest, legs and hips
but looking at her how he looks at me
isn't something i imagined freely
he has loved, kissed, made love, hooked up
in the choices for relationship goals, he ticks all of the above
he's even gotten his heart broken and cried for another girl
lost his temper and tons of abuses has he hurled
he's gone through everything that i'm feeling for the first time
so yes, i am the immature one taking responsibility for this crime
i wish he could be a little more possessive
say stuff sober and be more expressive
but that would be greedy of me, right?
for these trivial matters i shouldn't pick up fights
yet feel i lonely on days like today when
nothing really big did happen
he's a great boyfriend, just very real and not rare
but that doesn't give me a reason to not care
for everything he does for me and more
i should be grateful for all this from the core
and to be honest, i am because i am a problem child
chaotic and messy, too stubborn and willfully wild
he tames my urges and makes me see sense
with him i wish to attain perfection without pretense
but at the end of the day when i lie down on my bed
this calmness travelling through my head
wonder i will this be enough? his sanity to my madness
he's safe, selectively thrilling but doesn't make my blood pump in wilderness
oh dear heart, your nerves did he hit
with those abs on display, did it feign a fit?
for my braincells couldn't stop me
from looking at this gorgeous-gorgeous being
with hair that curl in my hands
and eyes that travel upto foreign lands,
for when you look at me
i turn a little breathy,
you **** all the sense right out my body
doing this to girls, isn't this your hobby?
i have heard stories of your sexcapades
a "God" in bed, you think you're an ace of spades
so even if i desire you, your hands, your lips, your tongue
in your ocean of wilderness, i shall never plunge
because i ain't like one of your ****** or groupies
i have a ****** backbone, which i know, that you fancy
so i won't be another notch up your bedpost,
another one of your score that you'd like to boast
i am more, i am better and shall never fall for a bad boy
i have too much life to ever become your ******* toy,
but i can't help this stupid beating *****
that makes me think of you quite often
of all the things that i shouldn't do
-it's your name in CAPS, it's always you
for i have had one taste
even though it was chaste,
and now?
i can't stop myself from calling you tonight
because you're a piece of cake and i'd like a bite
your hotness gives me a fever
your coldness gives me a rush
your sweetness gives me diabetes
but it's your heart covered behind all those hard exterior layers that gives me hope
Påłpëbŕå Oct 23
i don't HATE anyone ACTIVELY
but there's also
no PASSIVE LOVE left in me
indifference is nirvana
Påłpëbŕå Oct 22
after reading thousands of pages dipped in love
words formed from bleeding ink yet it isn't enough
for me to formulate something of my own
all these fearsome feelings i wish to set in stone
the rise in my pulse on seeing him, the smile that touches my lips
the way he looks at me from far, his hand in mine- grazing my fingers tips
i wish i could tell you how this is making my mind churn
the want i feel for him and how this desire makes me burn
but i belive the hopeless romantic in me took it's last breath
and i killed it while it laid on it's death bed
so i stay with it's memories and corpse
suffering day and night with my writer's block
nothing inspires me anymore
maybe filling in the blanks satisfies the core?
so i believe that the best poems spring from the worst heartbreaks
beacuse being in love isn't what that makes
me pick my pen up and write my heart down
to make my poetry the talk of the town!
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