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adi Oct 24
arde pururi ca o faclie
amorul preschimbat de alchimie
adi Oct 23
And they got on the ship not knowing if they will come back alive. But by the time they were to come back, alive and well, they would have realized that they were never truly alive until the ship had sailed, until they had left everything they had in a big heap and lit it on fire.

And by the time they got back they would have realized they needed none of the things from before, that they had always been carrying them as anchors to their souls, and precisely those things they didn't have anymore is what grounded them in their adventures. It was never about the treasures they were going to dig up, nor about the ****** and the bartenders they so often visited in ports; it was never about some thing.

It was about them and only them, about the gold of their hearts, the sapphires of their eyes, and the stories they told to each other.

Not one reality has seen half the excitement and livelihood of one of their stories.

This way, they became immortal.
adi Oct 6
because there is nothing else worth more than that nothing else worth speaking of nothing else worth writing about.

and it's the only thing i can say,
i love you,

like a ruby thrown into fire like glass breaking like a siren,
like that one time you didn't know it was the last time like the first time,
like everything and everywhere,
like air,
like you and like me engulfing the whole sea.
adi Sep 21
To sailors mad and poets in pain,
In dreams of unimagined colors,
Appeared Cthulhu horror-bearer
Spreading phantoms to their brain
Praise Cthulhu Lord of Terror
Harbor of sleep to the insane.
adi Jul 28
Vocea ta,
Ecou al murmurului sufletului meu.
adi Apr 13
They say be scared of funerals
Because the wooden box traps beasts.
I say what is one funeral compared to the whole
Graveyard in my heart in which I so carefully lowered my memories,
Packed them like sardines, their skeletons grinding bones to dust,
Crunching sounds you can only hear
If you get close enough to smell the decay.
adi Apr 9
And battered, my heart
Will still choose, to bother yours.
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